Monday, June 26, 2006

John Christopher Depp

Johnny Depp kicks off the top (pretend the rest are tied) 5 men in the Top 100 Actors of the Aughts Countdown. Read the Rest...

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adam k. said...

You think Jack Sparrow is better than Ennis Del Mar? Whoaaaa... maybe I should check out Pirates again... or better yet, go see the new one.

adam k. said...

And, for the record, it appears that the highest any American got in the list was #5. Nice.

Anonymous said...

ennis del mar is still my best actor character of the decade so far (and prbably my all time im still young dammit!).

4 for left... i'm guessing this order

4-ewan mcgregor
3-tony leung chiu-wai
2-gael garcia bernal
2-jude law
i'm just guessing

adam k. said...

I am sticking to what guns I have left:

4) Tony
3) Ewan
2) Gael
1) Jude

But what does it matter when they are apparently all tied.

Glenn Dunks said...

Since 2003 I've decided that Johnny is my #1 from that year - i previously gave Murray my gold.

I rank Ledger and Bale's performances above Depp's from this decade so far, but his indeed right up there. A true icon of the decade.

I guess

4. Ewan
3. Tony
2. Gael
1. Jude

But I'm thinking 4 and 3 could easily swap, as could 2 and 1. But, as Adam said, they're all tied basically so...


adam -you know i don't believe in ties. hence the numerical rank. in other news: i didn't even notice the skimpy on americans thing.

douglas -ennis del mar is indeed a great. but it's so new... i tend to wait a few years to determine if it's "the" best of a big group of years. Depp holds the title for now. But there's still 4 years in the decade to consider unseen.

gerry -great minds think alike.

glenn -i don't believe in ties. i'm just trying to be nice ;) like i said earlier it's basically clumps of equals awkwardly arranged in ascending order. Is there much difference between #100 to #86ish or example? No.

long story short: top 100 lists take forever. There's too many people!

DL said...

Well, I officially blow at this prediction shit. My new guesses are the same as Douglas?

And as much as I loved Depp in Pirates, my award for "BEST MALE PERF OF THE AUGHTS" wouldn't go to him. Either Heath Ledger or Tom Wilkinson would take it.

Anonymous said...

Where is Philip Seymour Hoffman?!?!?!

Javier Aldabalde said...

Thankfully, nowhere.

John T said...

Yeah, I'd go with Ennis del Maar as the best lead male performance of the decade-Depp would be top three, though.

Anonymous said...

Interesting side discussion -- I'm going with Adrien Brody for best lead actor performance of the decade so far. Wilkinson, Penn, Nicholson, and Ledger round out the top 5. (Depp and Day-Lewis H.M.)

Why stop? Actress: Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge wins in a walk. Also Uma in Vol. 2, Scarlett in LiT, Winslet in Eternal Sunshine, and Reese in Walk the Line.

Nathaniel, why don't you do a film bitch awards of the decade? that could be fun.

Glenn Dunks said...

1. Ledger, Brokeback Mountain
2. Bale, American Psycho
3. Bernal, Bad Education
4. Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean
5. Bell, Billy Elliot

That's according to my own Top 100 perfs of the decade so far, so I should probably believe my own list, right?

Poli said...

4) Tony
3) Gael
2) Jude
1) Ewan

Glad I was right about Johnny.

Anonymous said...

I love Johnny Depp very much so, but I must be like the only one who doesn't quite get the hoopla over his Pirates of the Caribbean turn?

DL said...

Best Lead Actress Perf of the Aughts is Uma in both Kill Bills. No contest. Julianne Moore (Far From Heaven), Naomi Watts (Mulholland Drive), Isabelle Huppert (The Piano Teacher) and Nicole Kidman (Dogville) round out my top five.

Anonymous said...

i really don't think philip seymour hoffman is a great actor.

i think at best he's ok. sorry for those who love him but he irritates me so...

Glenn Dunks said...

PSH was good in Capote (not winner-worthy though) but other than that and probably his pre-2000 combo of Happiness and The Talented Mr Ripley I have not been at all impressed. In fact, I find him to be quite grotesque as an actor (not physically grotesque, but his acting is ugly and revolting)

Now when I see Mr Ripley though I see it as the start of Hoffman's weird gay obsession. How many times has he played a gay character?


thanks for describing that for me. I know I'm supposed to have him at #1 (i.e. the actor everyone is supposed to think brilliant and suspect) but in truth I've only thought two performances were any good (Magnolia --I'm fond of his work there & Capote --just saw it again and I'm glad I gritted my teeth and nominated him. It's fine work.) but he ruins movies just as often as he's good in them (see: Cold Mountain --even more of a hideous cartoon than Zellweger)

adam k. said...

Maybe the "he gets lots of gay roles possibly because he's kind of fat, ugly and diminuitive, meaning gays are supposed to be fat, ugly and diminuitive" thing turns me off of him? I dunno. Some people just LOVE him, and I don't get that. The Cold Mountain perf was HORRIFYING. And people say "well the character was supposed to be horrifying" but NO! NO, NO, NO! Especially with a character like that, the actor cannot afford to make him even MORE horrifying than necessary in performance. Hideous. You're supposed to make people like that empathetic, not laughable. And funny as it was, a was a little bit insulted by his Boogie Nights perf. And in general he's just not a personal fave of mine.

Great in Capote, though.