Sunday, June 11, 2006

This Week @ The Experience

Coming Soon:
Another transAtlantic Blogosphere Interview.
(Previous Installment)
The return of "A History Of..."
(Previous Installment)
#16 -#11 in the Actors of the Aughts Countdown
(Top 20 In Progress)
Long lost Joe Reid returns for a conversation (yay!)
(Joe's shuttered but much-missed column)
Plus: More Meryl Streep Merriment.
(The Announcement)

Try to Breathe. I know it's all too exciting.


Trashbag Kid said...

By the way, between Brokeback losing and Sweeney losing in the same year, I'm thinking of calling it quits on award shows.

Anonymous said...

this isn't really on topic, but I just noticed you gave A Prairie Home Companion a B+. I'm desperate to hear your thoughts... performances, songs... I want it all!

I'm seeing this on Tuesday. I am so excited.