Friday, June 02, 2006

Feuding Couples and Gothic Sisters

Weekend Theater/DVD options:

In Multiplexes
The Break-Up Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn spar under the direction of Peyton Reed. In case you missed my post about this, it's here. Aside from my fondness for Mr. Reed, I'm excited this movie is finally opening because that means that in only two or three weeks from now Jennifer Aniston will stop being on magazine covers every two seconds. Soooo sick of her. And to think she used to be my favorite Friend...

And I have to ask again. What happened to the major studios competitive spirits? Why do all these films get each weekend to themselves? Didn't use to be this way. Are Aniston & Vaughn that potent a draw that all other studios feared opening against them?

In Theaters: Limited Release (links go to trailers/sites)
Peaceful Warrior Gymnasts are hot. Even physically/spiritually damaged ones. Grizzly ol' Nick Nolte plays mentor again. Plus, this movie is a Film Experience sponsor (see sidebar) so what else you need? (Select Cities)
District B13 and Typhoon two very violent foreign actioners. (From Fance and Korea respectively)
50 Ways of Saying Fabulous New Zealand coming of age comedy (NYC).
Favela Rising Buzzy documentary on Rio de Janeiro slums and an activist movement using music and dance to combat violence.
And a whole slew of very indie product including: Woodenhead (NYC) The Conrad Boys (LA) and The Puffy Chair

New to DVD This Past Week
Freedomland Anyone with a Netflix or similar rent-all-you-want subscription knows that it opens up a whole new world of video watching. When you're paying a subscription fee you can watch whatever you want without guilt and never feel like you're wasting money. Which is a great incentive to watch bad things with good actors --like this one. Count how many things go wrong and how quickly about this production. You'll be amazed at its internal chaos. You'll realize why Samuel L Jackson never cries onscreen. You'll marvel at how Edie Falco can survive anything. You'll scratch your head wondering why Julianne Moore doesn't give her character any of the traits that she reveals skillfully in late film monologues... Did they write this one as they filmed? Did she not read the scenes before she had to perform them?

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane It's a two disc special edition that we MUST all watch. Why? The commentary track is from two of the most brilliant queer performers of our time Lypsinka and Charles Busch. That sound is the sound of my queer self exploding. For more Baby Jane love you can read this Halloween post or watch my "She's a Bitch" video (if you haven't already seen it a hunnert times)


Glenn Dunks said...

I'm seriously considering just buying Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and What Ever Happened to Baby Jane on Amazon. I seriously don't think they're ever going to release them in Australia for some reason.

RC said...

i'm so surprised that the break-up beat x3 for the weekend.

--rC of

Glenn Dunks said...

(you shouldn't be. it was sorta obvious i thought)

freethoughtguy said...

Dude, I watched "The Puffy Chair" recently, enjoyed it much better than that other mainstream movie about "The Break-Up."

Anonymous said...

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