Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Nicole Kidman. She's (Almost) Back.

* This post is dedicated to Anthony because I love my fans. xoxo

Guess who's celebrating today ? That's right. It's Birthday Girl herself Nicole Kidman who's riding the Gemini/Cancer cusp. Her mother gave Birth to her 39 years ago today! It wasn't long before this Aussie babe was Flirting with audiences on the big screen. And in the seventeen or so years she's spent on the silver screen she's proven that she's really To Die For. OK --I'll stop. I'm sorry for the punny. In all seriousness, Kidman has really given much cinematic pleasure in this new millenium (see her number one placement on my Actress Countdown and her huge lead in the poll that you can still vote on) and we owe her a heartily song "Happy Birthday" today. So crank up the memory of your favorite Kidman screen turn today and bliss out.

True Story #1: Three nights ago, I was walking down the street and ducked my head under a low hanging branch and somehow --sensory recall-- I was back inside of the haunting Birth (2004) and lost for a few moments inside my memory of Kidman's seriously inspired performance. (Film Bitch Nomination for Kidman. I liked Birth a lot when I saw it, but I kinda wish I'd given it a top ten placement in my year end review)

True Story #2: After a lengthy break from the corporate world in which I've been pursuing more personally fulfilling stuff and writing a lot (you may have noticed) on the site and blog, I am now, as of yesterday, back in the office culture mix. I will miss the freedom I had but as I was bemoaning my fate Sunday I got an e-mail requesting a Kidman post and I thought. God, Nicole Kidman is tireless. I can be too.

So here's to Nic! Discuss in the comments. (She has THREE movies in the can. Wheeeeeee.)


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J.J. said...

Hate to state the obvious, but her work in The Hours is astonishing. Exhibit A: The kitchen scene, when she orders Nelly to get some ginger from London. Here, she is rapacious and fearful at once, eyes shimmering, lips sucking on her cigarette as if to draw out its very essence (she does the same to her sister later). Kidman's Woolf delights in pushing Nelly around, but believes she's ultimately doing her a favor by sending her on a silly errand. "I can't think of anything more exhilarating than a trip to London," Kidman says, literally vibrating with feeling. She is the lightning rod of that movie, outpacing it at every step.

OhMyTrill said...

Used to not like her...but after Moulin Rouge I loved. What can you say?

Anonymous said...

My favorite Kidman performances, because I can't resist listing every chance I get:

1. Birth
2. Moulin Rouge!
3. Eyes Wide Shut
4. Dogville
5. The Portrait of a Lady
6. The Hours
7. The Others

Glenn Dunks said...

Taking a leaf from David's book, here is my Top perfs from Nicole.

1. Dogville
2. Birth
3. To Die For
4. Moulin Rouge!
5. Eyes Wide Shut
6. The Others
7. The Hours
8. Bangkok Hilton
9. Dead Calm
10. Birthday Girl

I have Portrait sitting on the DVD player, didn't really want to see The Human Staine and unfortunately Flirting isn't out here on DVD.

I already made my birthday post for Nicole at my blog. I heart her so much.

Anonymous said...

Let us hope that now Goddess Kidman can snag that FB Award which has (strangely) alluded her all these years.

Anonymous said...

I think that Moulin Rouge! is probably her most enjoyable and iconic performance. However, in terms of craft, it is really her performance of Anna in Birth that shows us that Kidman is the second best actress working today (second to Meryl Streep). I mean the film rides on that entire performance, really on that entire close-up, and if your movie has to be carried by a performance it might as well be Kidman's.

adam k. said...

Well I would say Birth rides on its score... they do call music the "wings of a film" you know... but still, what a great performance.

Maybe I'll do a Kidman post, too.

Anonymous said...

My ranking of her best performances

1. Moulin Rouge!
2. Birth
3. Eyes Wide Shut
4. The Portrait of a Lady
5. Dogville
6. The Others
7. The Hours
8. To Die For

Additionally, when watching her performances in Birth and The Others, is anyone else reminded of Julianne Moore? Not only because of the children connected to the roles but because their haunted quality seems right up Moore's alley?

When I saw The Others in theatres I remember thinking, "Julianne would have been awesome in this role." And then I saw an interview where Kidman said she initially didn't want to take the role but suggested a number of actresses to take her place, Julianne Moore being, in her opinion, the best suited to do so.

Love Kidman though, and I'm beyond excited for her upcoming projects; they seem blessedly devoid of any 'fluff' work like Bewitched or The Stepford Wives.

DL said...

My top 5 favorite Nicole Kidman perfs:

1. Dogville
2. Moulin Rouge!
3. The Hours
4. Birth
5. Eyes Wide Shut

She does have quite the filmography, doesn't she?

Anonymous said...

Dear Nat

Thank you so much for this. YOu have no idea how much i love you, dude.. :P

Anthony (yes, it was me who wrote that email requesting Nic)

Glenn Dunks said...

I'm loving that there's actually love for Nicole's Eyes Wide Shut perf. I thought I was the only one who really loved that performance.

I just realised David didn't have To Die For on his list? Not a fan or haven't seen it? If it's the latter then you MUST.

Anonymous said...

Nicole is indeed the 2nd best actress working today(after Streep, as has been mentioned).

I know her performance will be up to par in Fur this year, but god I hope it gets the good reviews I'm sure she's gonna get. She deserves another nomination by now.

And I'm sure one of these days, she's gonna get another oscar. She can be amazing.