Friday, June 09, 2006

Scary. Call Your Senators.

Jill of Brilliant at Breakfast is also guest blogging on ModFab this week and has a very scary must-read post on the future of the Internet thanks to Rethuglicans (seriously how do any of them sleep at night? I guess big money works as well as Ambien) and Democrat Sellouts. READ IT.

I sometimes wish I followed politics more closely but the truth is whenever I start to bone up I feel like vomiting. Whenever I do get caught up on whats-going-on, I am suddenly Fisher clan crazy (Six Feet Under reference. Hey, it's on my mind) like Claire (Lauren Ambrose) or Sarah (Patty Clarkson) on one of their hair flying unhinged people-frightening political rants.


Anonymous said...

The link to ModFab doesn't work, which is slightly annoying as I was browsing around the site for anything good



Anonymous said...

Regardless as to what you label them, politicians have become so out of touch with their constituents and reality that it is just plain SAD.