Sunday, June 18, 2006

Jake Gyllenhaal

Understatement of the decade: People like this Gyllenhaal guy. As do I. Being #12 on my list is like being #1 on a lot of people's lists --that'll sound like a claim to superiority but it's more of a numbers crunching truth. When you see 100 or so movies a year (as opposed to the general public's, what, 6 (?), you're allowed to have more favorites.

That's the rule.

You can read the countdown and see who is #11. too. Unless you're weeping that Jake didn't make the top 10 in which case I'd recommend a time out. Remember: my love for Jake is pure [er...] I just have more than enough of it (the love) to go round. Truly.

From here on out the countdown is daily!

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Anonymous said...

Jake is a great actor, nobody can forget how wonderful and touching he was in "Brokeback Mountain". Charm, talent, courage... A great man, in fact.

thales said...

So, in no particular order, we're waiting for:

Daniel Craig
Peter Saarsgard
Jude Law
Gael García Bernal
Tony Leung
Clive Owen
George Clooney
Johny Depp
Ewan McGregor
Christian Bale

Although I don't know if Clooney was ruled out. Nice list though.

NicksFlickPicks said...

Ah, Daniel Craig! How did I forget... especially with him looking right out at us a few entries below this one. I've got bets laid down on #10, #2, and #1, but the rest seem to me like they could break in almost any direction.

You move in mysterious ways, Mr. R...


fred & thales,
i like the way your blogs look. pity I can't read them :(
damn lack of foreign language skills on my part! still pretty to look at!

nick hmmmm. aside from #1 they CAN break in any direction. The order is evershifting ;) I'm such a Gemini.

adam k. said...

Oh dear... I thought both these men would make it deep into top ten territory... but I guess outside of 2001, Broadbent hasn't been so stellar, and I guess you just aren't really that obsessed with Jake outside of BBM.

And OK, seriously, WHAT has Clooney done this decade that warrants top ten placement in an actors' list? And don't say "making Goodnight and Good Luck" cause that doesn't count. I am not ruling out a shutout for the Clooney... but I can't see who would replace him.

adam k. said...

Whoa, looks like MI3 took quite a dive in the new grades. Glad to see you liked Prarie Home Companion, though.

Anonymous said...

I'm more upset about Broadbent not making the the top 10 then Gyllenhaal. I adore Jim Broadbent.

Anonymous said...

That's depressed me; I've realised I don't particularly like 3 of the guys remaining. But LOVE 2 of them, so that's OK!


Anonymous said...

Clooney? Maybe it's just me, but for star power, he's peerless, and the record of Oceans 11, O Brother Where Art Thouh, Solaris, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Intolerable Cruelty and GNaGL/Syriana are a good enough lineup for me. I thought he would just miss the top ten, though.

Middle-P said...


did you hear the recent tragic news? the upcoming zodiac (with my favorite actor jake and favorite director fincher) is being puched back to 2007!!! in JANUARY!!! the dump month! oh the humanity...


it's a good thing JA has been on vacation this week because I'm sure he'll be heartbroken/furious.

anonymous -broadbent woulda made it except for Hollywood is stupid. They're barely using him lately for anything other than cameos. argh.

Jason Adams said...

JANUARY?!?!?!? I come back to this news? Why didn't I just stay away until then...

Ahem. Great piece on Jake, Nate. Lord knows I'm biased when it comes to the Gyllenhaal, but he's definitely a work in progress and I think will only keep getting greater. I do think he had some really strong moments in Jarhead, an otherwise very mixed film... plus, the muscles. Oh yes, them.