Friday, June 16, 2006

Nick Returns Only to Depart. Oh, the Humanity.

I am very pleased to point you over to Nick's again where me pal is continuing his breathtakingly enthusiastic countdown of the films he most deeply loves (in some cases despite themselves.) Today he's riffing on Erin Brockovich [Side note told-ya-so gloating from my end: I loved Brockovich way more than Traffic right from the start.]

Nick is, as frequent readers know, a close friend of mine and also a soul brother in movie madness. And yes the two are, as often as not, intertwined. We share documented infinities for Oscar and self-deluding actresses among many other cinematic tastes that were separately acquired but most fun when shared. We met in real life shortly and rather fortuitously after connecting in reel life on the web. I love Nick as a friend in ways that I won't bother you with here (personal vs. public, you know) but as a writer you can all share in the love. And I hope you are.

He's been out of the movie chatter loop quite a bit this spring as he prepares for big exciting career changes and relocation. He's soon off to the land of [cue music] Foxy Roxie Hart. Unlike that chilly dame he will dance beautifully. He won't need any editing to hide the clumsiness. Just plunk the laptop down in front of and let him work his magic. That boy can foxtrot.

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