Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Father Link

a collection of irrevent posts with which to enjoy Father's Day:

For Brad ~ !! omg blog !! "Wear your own Maddox"
For "Daddies" ~ Pop Culture Junkies Brandon Routh gay?
For GHWB ~Lady Bunny George Bush in Hell.
For K-Fed ~ Gallery of the Absurd "I'm sick of celebrity babies!"
For Sugar Daddies ~ TFE You can still donate to keep me in business.

And in homage to my own Dad, who just recently discovered the internet (I kid you not), I offer this collection of photos of things he inexplicably loves ...

OK, it's not inexplicable to love the original Elfquest but it's still inexplicable that my Dad would love Elfquest.


Anonymous said...

I've read your Aughts lists and enjoyed them a great deal. I hope the Actor Top 10 is as full of talent as the actress list!

I wouldn't have thought that a gun-loving Republican would be keen on Elfquest (omnisexual elves and massive orgies for all!), but maybe the art is Just That Good?


Anonymous said...

Yes, don't want to seem pushy, but when is your next update to the Top 100 Actors list?