Monday, June 05, 2006

Tony Watch: FEATURED ACTOR, Musical

From now until the Tony Awards (next Sunday!) I wanted to investigate the acting races a little more closely prior to the big night. Just to get you all hot and bothered for the actual ceremony. So herewith, a look at the Featured (Supporting) Actors in the musical category. I'm throwing in little fun nuggets o' info for each person so you can act like a know-it-all when you're watching the Tony Awards.


Danny Burstein as "Adolpho" in The Drowsy Chaperone
Burstein plays a hilarious Casanova-type winning his first Tony nomination. He gets a lot of comic mileage out of boasting and repeating his name to all who will listen. This musical is surging going into the ceremony week, so word of mouth could make him a threat to surprise for the win if they are looking for a place to reward the show. Trivia: He's married to two time Tony nominee Rebecca Luker who will be playing Mrs. Banks in next season's London transfer Mary Poppins

Jim Dale as "Mr. Peachum" in The Threepenny Opera
If you've never been to Broadway you still may know Jim Dale's work. He does all of the Harry Potter audio books and he co-wrote the Oscar nominated theme song to Georgy Girl. This is his fifth nomination and get this: He's been nominated every time he's been eligible (you can't be nominated if you replace someone in a show). He won the Best Actor award 26 years ago in Barnum. He's the frontrunner to win this category. He's a beloved stage actor and he truly works his ass off in this show, despite its maddening failures in other areas. The only drawback? Lots of people don't like the show it's in.

Brandon Victor Dixon as "Harpo" in The Color Purple
This actor will be joining the daytime soap One Life to Live soon. He's the only cast member of this musical nominated for a role that wasn't previously nominated for the Oscar in the film version of Alice Walker's beloved novel. This is his Broadway debut and first nomination.

Manoel Felciano as "Tobias" in Sweeney Todd
This is his fourth Broadway show and first nomination. His last show was the godawful Brooklyn -- good for him for following up a true stinker with a big role in a masterpiece. He also gets the great honor of singing one of Sondheim's greatest songs "Not While I'm Around" in the show.

Christian Hoffas "Tommmy DeVito" in Jersey Boys
Tommy is the member of the Four Seasons who left due to financial disputes and today hangs with Joe Pesci. This is Christian's second Broadway show and his first nomination. His first show was The Who's Tommy ten years ago. (So, apparently he only gets cast for jukebox musicals?) In the interim Hoff has spent a lot of time on guest stints on television.

My prediction FWIW (not much): Jim Dale in The Threepenny Opera


adam k. said...

I just saw Sweeney Todd and Doubt in NY.

Nathaniel, are you going to Rufus at Carnegie? I am trying to get tickets on Ebay now. What a bitch.

Keith said...

Tommy is a jukebox musical? I don't see how.


OK. well. you're right Keith. It's just that it's a musical from a rock group that's pre-existing.

so it's not a jukebox musical in the pure sense. you're right. my bad.


i don't have a strong preference here. I thought Dale was very good but I hated the show. I'd be OK with him winning but also would be happy if Felciano won.

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