Saturday, June 17, 2006

Rufus! Rufus! Rufus!

So, the Rufus concert at Carnegie Hall on Thursday, his "recreation" of the legendary Judy Garland concert, was a lot of fun. Whether you were just a Rufus Wainwright devotee or a member of the legion of Judy G fanatics it proved a really special night. If you happen to be a member of both groupings. Well...

zing went the strings of my heart.

Bhe simple truth is that any fan of great music would love it. That Judy! Judy! Judy! concert is chalk full --no, overflowing --with classics. It's tough to argue with a night in Carnegie Hall with some of the greatest songs ever written like Somewhere Over the Rainbow, How Long Has This Been Going On, Stormy Weather, If Love Were All, Come Rain or Come Shine, and many more.

Now strictly speaking this event was not really a "recreation." It was more of a shared playlist homage. And, sure, it's a stunt. But who doesn't love a good one when the stuntman is someone as talented as Rufus Wainwright? For any of you who haven't seen him in concert. He really is a sensational live artist: funny, improvisational, surprising, chatty (that banter isn't scripted), super talented, and he almost always has guest stars. All of those things make his concerts more one-time-only events than a product that will be the same for a many nights in many cities that you'll eventually be able to get on DVD.

And so I really must say a hearty thank you to Adam! Adam! Adam! who generously took me for my birthday. A terrific surprise and thoughtful cool way to end my birthday month. god I'm so spoiled.

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adam k. said...

Aw, you're welcome.

DL said...

Argh. I didn't get to see it!!!:(

And is there some sort of connection we're supposed to figure out among the stills in your new banner?


no. ;)

adam k. said...

The only connection I can think of that would sort of work would be "divas".

Glenn Dunks said...

aww, i wanna meet Adam.