Wednesday, July 05, 2006

"beautiful and very scary"

*my thanks to reader Aileen for this tidbit

Incredibly talented author Neil Gaiman, who Michelle Pfeiffer pfanatics know is fond of the actress, seems appropriately excited about her turn in next year's Stardust, a film version of his bestseller. He's now seen one of her scenes in the editing room. On his blog he recounts his reaction to a rough cut (he likes the movie but is careful to mention that it's not "the book" since that would take a miniseries) and he also shares his excitement about visiting the set to watch her big violent climactic scene being filmed.

Pictures from the set are still not plentiful online other than that first distant batch of Pfeiffer on a chariot and wearing a big black coat off camera.

In other Michelle news, she's in the current issue of Saga a magazine from the UK. (Full Article)

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Anonymous said...

Sweet maria, her comeback can't come soon enough. I still mourn the fact that the Coraline deal didn't come together (as she would have been PERFECT for the Mother/Other Mother role), but Stardust is not a bad fallback Neil Gaiman project. Just hope she can keep up the momentum. Michelle pforever and ever!


yes. it's excellent.

a very quick read too so i heartily recommend. I've read only that and "anansi boys" both of which were superb page turners. I hear that his others are just as good.

Javier Aldabalde said...

She is stunning in that picture. And oh my God, she will own this role!

adam k. said...

Oh god, Marcelo just called Nathaniel "Mr. Rogers."

Will he be like Mr. Rogers in 10 years?

The Film Experience IS a lot like Mr. Rogers' neighborhood... except online... and about film.