Sunday, July 23, 2006

Seven Links

ModFab on movies that we wish were open now.
Reverse Shot on the Frank Borzage retrospective. Go see 7th Heaven!
popbytes on new superhero stamps. (I'm wondering why PlasticMan?)
Velvet Hot Tub brings the funny re: the autoerotic McConaughey.
Cinematical on new projects for slow-as-molasses Tarantino.
I Don't Like Renée Zellweger on World Trade Center
In Contention on Babel

And finally a new pic from Sony of Venom from Spider-Man 3. If I was any more excited for summer 2007...


Gilidor said...

Is that Topher Grace?

Looks intense - Raimi back in horror mode!

russtifer said...

Awesome. Thanks for the Venom pic, Nathaniel. This movie can't open soon enough.

Trashbag Kid said...

I have such a good feeling about this movie.

I really am very worried (as you mentioned before) that they are overloading it. I mean...Gwen Stacy, four villians, and an internal conflict involving an alien costume? Sounds like more set-up than the film can take.

I hope Raimi just goes for it and makes a four hour epic.

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