Saturday, July 08, 2006

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Music Video Week

Being a crazed movie freak my #1 pet peeve of music videos --back in the day of course, they're not so important or widely seen these days-- was when movie soundtracks would just use clips from the movies to sell a soundtrack single. They should have always been giving the fans a little something extra: use the movie stars as MTV stars, too! So I thought I'd share a few videos starring screen icons who actually went that extra mile to entertain their fans.

Here are Kathleen Turner, Michael Douglas, and Danny DeVito (hot boxoffice stuff in the mid80s) in Billy Ocean's "When the Going Gets Tough" --this song/video is so 80s but the stars are having fun: good for them. Ditto the next one: Winona Ryder, Cher, and Christina Ricci goofing off with the "Shoop Shoop" song from Mermaids in the early 90s. Can you believe how tiny and cutie Ricci is? Remember when Cher used to act? How much does this clip remind you of how awesome Winona Ryder used to be?

And since I left Madonna out of Music Video week (can u believe it? i'm just trying to keep you guessing) you know I have to make room for my other girl Michelle. Here she is as the star of Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise". I dig all those gorgeous shots of her face all chiaroscuro. You may recall that That Little Roundedheaded Boy did a whole write up on this video back when the film experience hosted the Michelle Pfeiffer Blog-a-thon. That post at TLRHB has mysteriously disappeared but it was fun while it lasted. Anyway --here is the video:

Michelle starts that video asking "you wanna tell me what this is all about?" but though I dig the song I never actually hear the answer. La Pfeiffer is so yummy I forget to breathe let alone listen.


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Anonymous said...

Good call. Also Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan making a non-scene-from-the-movie cameo in Harry Connick's "It Had To Be You".


Glenn Dunks said...

The "Shoop Shoop" video is choice. I loved it as a kid, although I only saw Mermaids last year. It saddens me everything I see something from before 1992 to do with Cher because I think she is seriously one of the best actresses but she wouldn't be able to do anything now except lampoon herself in stuff like Stuck on You, playing second fiddle to Matt Damon and, of all people, Greg Kinnear.

The "Gangsta's Paradise" clip (and the song too) is great.

Anonymous said...

that Shoop Shoop video is great, how fuckin cute was Ricci!

and i'm praying A Scanner Darkly starts the Winona comeback, but i seriously doubt it....such a shame what has happened to her career(I still can't get over her losing the Oscar to Paquin, ugh!)

Anonymous said...

Jewel of the Nile & Romancing the Stone were light hearted adventurous fun and it's great to see the stars not taking themselves seriously. Billy Ocean's song is sooo 80's. Ahhh it takes me back.

Mermaids was also fun while being a bit of a tear jerker. And yes some of those tears are for the once great Winona. *sigh*

Pfeiffer has one of those luminescent faces on which a director can focus while everything else just fades into the background.

Thanks for the clips.