Saturday, July 29, 2006

Winners! CD Giveaway

Brothers of the Head opened today in select markets and looks like something special. I asked all contestants in this soundtrack giveaway to list their favorite movie soundtrack. The following movie music lovers names were drawn randomly from all the entries. They just won this new rockin' soundtrack!

Here they are with the explanation of their favorite previous soundtrack. Maybe they'll let us all know what they think of the Brothers of the Head CD once it's in their hands.

Le Fabeleux destin d'Amélie Poulain by Yann Tiersen. I don't know how to express my feeling for this music of this soundtrack... I LOVE the soundtrack, I love how it fits in the film, and how it touches and reaches me everytime that I hear it. I Love all the tracks, the most one "La Valse D'Amelie" (piano version), it's melancholic, it's reaches very deep impact on listeners. The whole soundtrack is great... it makes you feel like you have nothing to worry about, thus bringing comfort to your busy mind. So far, this is the best soundtrack I have ever heard. Listen to this soundtrack it's like to be in Paris, anywhere, anytime

The soundtrack to Wim Wender's movie Until the End of the World. I'll give ya some reasons why I love it: 1. The soundtrack's artists are an amazing assemblage 2. The flow of the music is brilliantly cohesive 3. Though it's a perfect soundtrack to listen to alone in almost any circumstance, it's also great for parties big and small (and I have used this one for LOTS of "special" occasions...wink..GREAT makeout music), and 4. After having finally seen the movie several years after, it added a whole new depth to it all, and if you haven't seen the It's long, but awfully good. In fact, I'm still hoping that the mammoth unedited edition will someday be available.

Since you are drawing the winners randomly and not based on the quality of their choice I will be completely honest and profess that my favorite movie soundtrack is Sliding Doors. "Have Fun, Go Mad", the first track, can still make me instantly happy when it randoms up on my iPod. "Turn Back Time" elevates Aqua beyond one-Barbie Girl-hit-wonderdom, at least to me. And while it was beyond over-played the next summer, "Thank You" introduced me to Dido and I had the album No Angel 4 months before anyone ever heard of Stan. I think I bought a total of 3 or 4 albums from artists based on their Sliding Doors tracks.

I was tempted to be cool and go with Reservoir Dogs or Romeo + Juliet, but why bother? Girly Brit-pop is nothing to be ashamed of, dammit!

The most common response in the entries was Trainspotting, a CD which seems to have affected / thrilled a lot of people (which I also own & love). The shortest response came from Chris who wrote "Magnolia: Does one ever need more reason than Aimee Mann?" Chris didn't win but I hear that loud and clear --terrific terrific CD.

Whats your favorite movie soundtrack readers? And feel free to post your comments about Brothers of the Head here, too. Are you seeing it this weekend?


Anonymous said...

You're killin' me! Just draw and announce already haha. So excited for this movie/soundrack

Anonymous said...

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