Monday, July 24, 2006

New Charts. And Next Week.

The Oscar Prediction Chart Updates are finished. Exhausting. I'm sure there are goofs and errors from my eyes going all fuzzy and the tedium of it.... as well as a few blank spots that I will fill in when time frees up. So if you see mistakes feel free to let me know. Or if you just want to talk about the Oscars do so in the comments.

Thoughts on Lady in the Water, Monster House, another conversation with Joe Reid, navel gazing with Hitchcock, 1961's Supporting Actresses, Scarlett Johansson musings, thoughts on the reader survey about the site, plus all the usual goodies.

I'm going to sleep.


Glenn Dunks said...

I made my mid-year predictions at the start of the month

I chose Babel before Kris praised it, so I'm glad at that. I also thought World Trade Center will get a BP nod but Greengrass will get Stone's Director spot. Odd, i know.

I also predicted Maggie for WTC

I'd actually change some of those now (only three weeks ago). But that's the nature of Oscar predicting.

Yours sound as good as anybody elses, basically.

Glenn Dunks said...

oh, btw, wouldn't it be interesting to see Damon and Affleck nominated for acting in different movies but in the same year.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm changing my predictions for Best Actress:

1. Meryl Streep
2. Gretchen Mol
3. Ashley Judd
4. Kate Winslet
5. Nicole Kidman
6. Annette Bening
7. Cate Blanchett
8. Penelope Cruz
9. Beyonce
10. Anna Paquin
11. Helen Mirren
12. Judi Dench
13. Naomi Watts

Glenn Dunks said...

What makes you think Mol will make her way into the mix? I doubt they'll even bother with a campaign.

Althought it would be a very bold move.

Anonymous said...

I always love to read your thoughts about potential nominations because they always seem so honest. But I have a question about Forest Whitaker's possible nomination (for all oscar watchers really). Are Academy members likely to be put-off by the nature of the real-life character Whitaker is portraying? Or am I underestimating them and their capacity to just judge the performance? Everyone's thoughts are appreciated :)

Anonymous said...

Well, right now, Streep and Mol are the only ones who have a chance, because they are the only ones with films that are out. It's silly logic, I know.

P.S. I think Jenya might have better luck hawking Playgirl. Obviously, she didn't do a very in depth profile of the posters. LOL!

jeff_v said...

As always, I appreciate your trailblazing Oscar predix. However, still no Ryan Gosling for Half Nelson?

Anonymous said...

Nicole Kidman should be considered lock status at the moment seeing the early reviews have gone as far as to call it her best performance( and the fact that her film actually got A STANDING-0 does nothing but help. And I really doubt this will be seen as one suicidal artist too many seeing as 1) the film does not show her death(the film, from what I've heard, ends something like 10 years before Arbus' death and 2) if you have a suicidal artist role and the actor or actress gives that knockout performance, then nothing can go wrong IMO. If someone wants to use Paltrow as an example, the early word on Sylvia was never good to begin with while those who have seen Fur have used the word magical and amazing when they describe it. Nicole and Robert Downey is all I'm predicting it for right now, but I really think we should loook out for it.

I got a feeling that it's going to be a bigger contender then most think at the moment.

Glenn Dunks said...

"Nicole Kidman should be considered lock status at the moment"

Nobody is ever a lock months before the release. People like to say they are, but they're not. Conjecture can get people far though.

Anonymous said...

Kinda late to the party...does Salma Hayek pose any kind of threat in the supporting actress race? She has been receiving really good ink for Lonely Hearts, and coupled with the really good reviews from the otherwise pannned Ask the Dust (better than reviews than for Frida, I think), I think she could make the shortlist.