Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Links: Episode #172

Chew on these:
Fametracker just can’t care about Adrian Grenier.
Reverse Shot’s Film Enthusiast with an unpopular opinion on one Mr. Depp.
Music is My Boyfriend makes a disturbing “fated to be related” claim.
Gallery of the Absurd’s brain freeze for Jude Law.
Defamer on “thinspiration” featuring Keira Knightley and other Hollywood shriveling starlets.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought Adrian was a looker at first. But, is eyes are kind of dead and not in a good way (after you get over the gah-gah's). I like Entourage, but that's mostly for Piven. Give that man an Emmy. I've been a fan of his since Ellen.

Johnny. Well, he must have had some desire for greater fame or else why wouldn't he have done Pirates? Afterall, he did do Nick of Time. Still, it might have been entirely to play Jack Sparrow. I guess fame was inevitable, but I hope he doesn't completely abandon the career track he was on ala Nicolas Cage circa 1996 - 2002 (or there about, debate it if you like)

Charo. Isn't it time for a Telemundo celebrity to claim their 15 minutes, cross over into the mainstream and fill a space that has been vacant for years?

Jude. That pop art is kind of suggestive.

Thinorexia. It's sad. One of my nieces has a minor weight problem and she's only 12. But, I know how much she emulates those fashion magazine covers.

It's also sad when a unflattering picture of Kelly Clarkson in concert, who is of healthy weight, circulates around the internet and some numb nut has the audacity to suggest she lose weight. Fortunately, there were another three or four websites posting said picture with more biting critiques for her outfit than her body ...

Neel Mehta said...

Current approximate level of fame: Adrian Grenier
Deserved approximate level of fame: Adrian Grenier

Brilliant. Fametracker is brilliant.

I address my one viewing of Entourage here. He's clearly the Steven Tyler in my Aerosmith comparison.

Anonymous said... == US Weekly magazine?

Seriously, enough with the damn tabloid filth. I love to read your movie reviews, seeing as I usually agree with them, but I'm seriously considering dropping this site off from my daily routine and returning only for the Oscar season.

I get enough yellow journalism in the "real world" as it is...


the phlegm master -i'm sad to hear that --more reviews will be returning soon. ive just had some worklife balance issues of late

the reason there is so much gossip on the web and so many gossip blogs: it's easy. Reviewing coming up with your own stuff: time consuming ;)