Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hump Day Hottie: Cheyenne Jackson

So, it’s been three months since this blog’s ‘Hump Day Hotties’ first season concluded. None of you have exactly been e-mailing me begging me to bring it back or anything pleasingly participatory like that… (Are you lurkers unionized or what? You’re just not budging towards hitting that comment button) but I’ve been missing it. And I’m the boss. So here we go again: SEASON 2. Every Wednesday.

I thought about kicking things off with a little shout out to birthday boy Topher Grace who turns 28 today. But I figure I’ve enthused enough about him in the past. (I really do see/hope for a BIG future coming his way.) And of course, I share JA’s enthusiasm about every shot in that Spidey 3 trailer, including the one of Topher looking skyward, presumably at our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. I'm sure Topher will get lots of play on this blog next summer when that film arrives.

And then I thought about debuting with international metrosexual icon David Beckham since I slept with him a couple of nights ago (well, I did. In a dream but whatevs) but he’s not a movie person and the World Cup is over and I’m not that into him anyway, so…

Today’s hump day hottie is for another birthday boy man, Cheyenne Jackson who some of you may have seen as one of the bravest of the United 93 passengers in movie theaters this past spring.

Cheyenne is a hottie for a number of reasons
1. Well, look at him. There’s that.
2. He’s an out gay man in an industry that still rewards/prefers their on camera types firmly inside the closet.
3. Well, look at him.
4. He loves animals. The best people always do.
5. He’s a Broadway baby, too. Sings like a dream and recently starred in the Elvis songbook musical All Shook Up!

And because I like to share the wealth. Humpy links:
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Beau said...

Cheyenne Jackson is gay?!?!

Even though I wasn't looking for individual acting in United 93 (it is an ensemble film in the best sense), I did notice that guy and never once would i have guessed his sexual orientation.
good for him. glad he's trying to break this fucked-up closet-case bit in hollywood. it's gonna take years before elijah wood and vin diesel come out of the closet.

adam k. said...

OK, are Elijah Wood and Vin Diesel REALLY seriously remored to be gay or was that a joke?

But more importantly, Oh My GOD. I am in love. Cheyenne Jackson is like the coolest person ever, I think. Who the f*** did he play in United 93? I don't even remember him. Maybe he's just chameleonic like that. It is a miracle that an out gay man in Hollywood looks like that AND can sing. I will be looking out for him. Everywhere.

Plus, Cheyenne Jackson is maybe the coolest name I've EVER heard.

adam k. said...

And also, how is he not more famous. I hope it's not because he's "out". How depressing.

Beau said...

I have a friend who grew up in Beverly Hills, has friends in the biz and everything, and he was dead serious about Vin, (even after i scoffed at the thought). you think more about it though, it kinda makes sense.

elijah apparently is, but again, this is all speculation and could be untrue. but you really think about it, (the fact that neither have appeared in public and at celeb shindigs with gals at their side), your mind begins to wonder.

John M said...

Cheyenne's website has some great pictures. Especially under the Rocky Horror Picture Show category, for those so inclined.


vin diesel is definitely a muscle mary -- a ton of the high profile blogs allude to it whenever they have paparazzi photos that whole "i prefer to date in Europe" thing being a recent highlight.

Anonymous said...

Good choice and dear God, what a hottie he is! (By the way, Cheyenne Jackson's as uber-cool and underrated as the two Wyoming towns that make up his name.)

Vin Diesel may or may not be gay, but if he is, I would so hit that. (Minus the awful rug he wore in his last movie. Could it be any more atrocious?) Love me a muscle daddy, mary...whatev.


Glenn Dunks said...

I am quite partial to a bit of Vin ogling, but I find myself so repulsed by his movies (except Pitch Black) that I don't ever watch him.

But, yeah, Vin and Elijah are definitely on the short(?) list of possibly gay male actors.

And I've never seen this Cheyenne Jackson, but my lord he's good looking!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the return of Hump Day Hottie! Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for choosing Cheyenne Jackson as your Hump-Day-Hottie! It is great to see this man recognized! He is an extreme talent and a stage vet!!!! Loved him since the day I saw All Shook Up!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen his first film, creepy movie called Curiosity. Imdb has some hot pics of him from it at

Anonymous said...

I've had the good fortune to meet Cheyenne several times at various events in the city and in addition to being such a hottie, he's actually a NICE guy...although maybe I keep imagining the nice guy part because whenever those piercing baby blues and killer grin are directed anywhere in my general vicinity I almost forget how to breathe.

P.S. Cheyenne claims his name is real; that he was named after a tv show called Cheyenne that was his father's favorite tv show when he was a kid.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am absolutely in love with the man. I grew up with him and always, always, always loved him. I know he's gay, but it's just too hard for a female with eyes not to love that. I feel lucky that I was a part in a way of his life and got to watch him grow up to what he is now. I am so happy for and proud of him!

Anonymous said...

I, too, had the good fortune to go to school with Cheyenne. Long ago in Junior High. He is just as awesome as he seems, and yes that is his real name.
Performing with him as a kid everyone around him knew he had talent. Unbelievable talent!
He is an amazing guy, who was a great friend too.
Have to admit, that although we were fairly aware of which direction he was leaning (he was comparing his shaved legs with us girls' for goodness sake) that didn't stop us from swooning when he smiled! :)