Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pfeiffer: Catch That Wave

Now that the one and only has dipped her cool toe back into cinema water, the media ripples are expanding. It’s thrilling after four years of nothing. Surfs nearly up. I just hope the films kicking this wave off (I Could Never Be Your Woman, Stardust (pictured left -wheee), and Hairspray!) are worthy swimmers. (Sorry for this obnoxious beach motif, but it’s freaking hot … [insert more whining here])

Pfeifferian Web Goodness

Gorgeous Pfeiffer Morrissey Bond has the new InStyle magazine cover and interior photos lots of new pics of the beauty looking sensational and relaxed. Yeah! If it’s not on your newsstand yet, be patient. As soon as Keira Knightley’s skeletal mug comes down, Michelle’s airbrushed mug rises up.

People talks to La Pfeiffer about the surgeons knife. Will she or won’t she? Don’t do it, ‘chelle! Never toy with perfection. Besides did you see what they did with McKellen & Stewart in the X-Men movie. That’s clearly a better option. It’s not permanent. There’s no blood.)

TheaterMania on the Hairspray casting. For those readers who’ve asked --Yes, I’m totally relieved they’re changing her song. It was the one moment in the Broadway show that I thought was a bust. But I still don’t understand the director choice. If I ran Hollywood…

Really Scary is covering the San Diego Comic Con. Expect more Stardust news to filter out into the blogosphere after the Stardust panel is held this Friday.

And, finally, under the umbrella of ‘I’ll discuss anything even tangentially related to Pfeiffer’ lets talk co-stars.

Stacey Dash, best know as ‘Dionne’ from Clueless, who stars opposite Pfeiffer in I Could Never Be Your Woman (due in Sept), will be posing buck naked in the August issue of Playboy whilst talking about the film. I may be the only one buying it for the article. (Not that Dash isn’t a looker.) Claire Danes, one of the very very few actors to have worked with Pfeiffer twice (To Gillian… and Stardust), is in talks to co-star with Toni Collette and Vanessa Redgrave (triple your pleasure, obviously) in what sounds like Focus Features’ 2007 Oscar hopeful. One of the other Pfeiffer repeaters is eternal hottie Rupert Everett (A Midsummer Nights Dream and Stardust). Here are a couple of interesting posts about audience response to out gay actors like Rupey at After Elton and Crocodile Caucus.

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Javier Aldabalde said...

Oh yeah! Pfeiffer totally deserved a post like this after this week. It's like, she's *really* actually back.

Javier Aldabalde said...

New pic from "I Could Never Be Your Woman".

Glenn Dunks said...

I was thinking very randomly about Hairspray yesterday. For some reason I kept thinking Peyton Reed could've been a good choice to direct, especially considering the corcecopia of colour he brought to Down With Love. But who knows if he could direct musicals.

Glenn Dunks said...

oh and yay for Michelle.

adam k. said...

Down with Love had a pretty well-done musical sequence.

I want a globe nod for Michelle in I Could Never Be Your Woman... it seems likely enough. Moreso anyway than one for Uma in My Super Ex-Girlfriend, which is the other one I'd love to see happen.

Pfangirl said...

Oh God, can't they talk to her about anything other than plastic surgery? It's so tedious.

There are a million other better questions to ask Michelle... like why the recent villain stint? And (when Stardust is released) what's it like committing one of the most evil onscreen acts ever?

Anyway, she looks so utterly gorgeous in those InStyle pics...

And Nat, thanks for posting that Hairspray pic. I've always thought Michelle and Debbie Harry shared a resemblance and now she is filling the same Velma role. Weird...

Anonymous said...