Monday, July 03, 2006

Readers Rank Brawls

Over on the Favorite Actor of the Aughts Readers Poll it's clear that you're all about the Mountain boys. Seven months later and you're still dreaming about that summer on Brokeback. 'Brokeback got you good.' Or at least 50% of you were got. The rest of you are all over the place with your votes. Clive Owen is in a robust third place but beyond him there's battles galore for dominance in this readers ranking poll.

Like for instance Jude Vs. Gael. That was my internal struggle for the #1 spot in my mammoth project counting these men down. But you're apparently having the same struggle since they're virtually tied (2 votes apart currently). They're just behind another virtual tie: Christian Bale vs. Johnny Depp who keep leapfrogging each other (Depp currently has the advantage by a mere 4 readers). This poll closes at the end of the week. It's anyone's guess who will win these battles as procrastinating readers join in to have their say.

And who'da thunk I'd get to reuse this graphic from a previous poll... Russell Vs. Sean. But there they are fighting like mad for 8th place. Currently one measly vote ahead is Russell. 10th spot? That's anyones guess with the other dozen guys in the polling.

I always feel so immature when I'm making these "fight" graphics --like I have a black marker and I'm drawing mustaches on faces or adding naughty bits to bodies in my parents magazines. But we're supposed to play with our inner child right? It's fun!

Anyway... if you don't like the way these votes are going, rally the troops for your man in this heated battle.


Alanna said...

Why not discuss who would win in an actual boxing match? My money would be on Bernal over Law, Bale over Depp, and Crowe over Penn. What's funny is my personal preference is the other way around in all cases. Hmm, do I have a thing for wusses?



i'd agree with you on all of those physical matches --and on all of your outcomes. (fancy that) --the closest call would probably be Penn Vs. Crowe I'm thinking. Crowe probably isn't quite as tough as he looks.

the easiest call is Bale over Depp. I loves me my Johnny but he's going down.

Anonymous said...

There's something oh-so-wrong about that Penn/Crowe pic. And yet oh-so-right.


Anonymous said...

I actually think the easiest call would be between Bernal & Law.

Cuz Depp, skinny as he is, he's actually got a toughness and aggression to him that's not usually on full display. I also think Bale is actually less tough and aggressive than many of his screen roles would indicate. I think at the very least, that Depp would hold Bale off for a while.
I can actually even picture Depp winning. Bale only started seeming tough with 'American Psycho' (am I wrong?) - I think with him, it's mostly an act - big muscles, gentle soul. Seriously. But Depp, now and then, you see a real stealyness to him. Look at him in 'Donnie Brasco,' just as a for-instance. But you can see it offscreen too. He's not a big macho man but I think he's got more bite than he generally lets on.

But on Bernal vs Law...I can hardly even picture Law in a fight, to be honest.

adam k. said...

Um, you know, girly as Jude is, Gael is pretty small... and not exactly a big he-man himself... Gael'd probably win, sure, but I don't think Jude'd be THAT easy for him to take.

I think the easiest call'd be Crowe over Penn. I mean, yeah, Penn's tough, but Russel's like a fuckin' bear... plus, I bet he'd fight dirty, too... he could just bust out a phone or some shit and that'd be that.

btw, the "who'd win in a one-on-one brawl" game is TOTALLY a thing with my actor friends in college. It's one of those things you do while drunk at parties; you create the best match-ups and then argue over who'd win. It's especially fun to speculate on the girls... there are a few REALLY tough girl actors at our school who'd be really fierce in fight. Crazy.

You know who I think'd be really fierce in a fight? Toni Collette.


yes and for more girl on girl action, Joe Reid's blog is the blog right now.