Saturday, July 29, 2006

it has a great beat and you can link to it

Feeling so musical today...

Oh My Trill meets John Williams, yes that one, the frequent filmexperience punching bag (it's affectionate abuse. It really is. He did after all write the scores to Star Wars, Superman and more... I can play Schindler's List on the piano)

IndieWIRE with news that the Dixie Chicks documentary "Shut Up and Sing" will be at the Toronto Film Festival. For a split second the other day I thought of dropping everything and going this year. But finances are too tight, damnit.

Low Resolution on the Robert Palmer videos from the 80s. I hate those videos but this post is funny.

*And for those of you who've been wondering why I haven't linked to the latest in 'gay pop star gossip'. It's mostly because I don't care very much. And I don't have much to say other than this: George Michael is an idiot. And congratulations to Lance Bass (my fav post regarding this).


Poli said...

Why is George Michael an idiot? (I'm the world's worst at following gay pop star gossip, even if I did call Lance's gayness back in the N*Sync heyday).

I also wish Lance the best. Wish jhim luck with his TV show.

Kris said...

I told you I worked with Reichen at Q, right? He had this radio talk show type thing, but televised (if anyone was watching the damn network), and I had to call in one time since, you know, REAL callers weren't available. They'd outsource such stuff to writes on the staff - like yours truly.


I got to pretend for 15 minutes that I was a chronic masturbator...wait, was I pretending?

Ok, that has NOTHING to do with...anything, but I thought I'd share.

Anonymous said...

Great post (as usual)

Sorry, but I just gotta say I re- read your “FFH vs. BM” post for the 100th time and I just gotta say it again… you are goddamned brilliant!!! A total cinematic scholar; smart, witty, profound - sorry to gush but fuck! It just overwhelms me at times.

That post was pure evidence of what can happen when good, clever writing meets genuine passion - the rewards are astounding. I printed that baby, sheet protected it, and snapped it into my increasingly thick “Nathaniel R.’s Film Experience” album (aka my bible)

Glenn Dunks said...

You inspired me to start a countdown on my blog of my 101 favourite songs. It's fun!


george is an idiot because he equates his own sexual proclivities with everyone's. to each their own -- I have no interest in judging him but when you get caught by the police messing around with a total stranger in a public area, the last thing you should do is start getting all high and mighty about the police disrespecting your "culture" --Don't drag me into it!

and once you've been caught and your civil union to your partner of many years is called off and the press starts asking if your partner has left you --the last thing you should do is get all high and mighty about how healthy the relationship is and virtually brag about the huge monetary gift you just gave him .

ARGH. he is an idiot.

I love his music but he is just stupid.

Glenn Dunks said...

But he's singing Wham! songs in his upcoming concert tour.


Anonymous said...

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