Monday, July 24, 2006

Dakota, Meryl, Scorsese, and Heidi Klum

[Nat Note: Sorry about the infrequent posting. If you need an explanation just go to this old post. That should explain it.]

Joe Reid and I chatted last night about everything from Dakota Fanning's views on Ingmar Bergman to M Night Shyamalan's new radio program --er, movie. (Well, it was very talky)

We also share breathy anticipatory sighs about The Prestige, The Children of Men and The Fountain as well as gloom over their box office prospects. Basically we talk about everything. All train of thought with very little editing. You can pretend you were there. We begin with Project Runway...

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adam k. said...

Meryl will stand out for being the only early bird candidate... the rest will all bleed together. Also, she will almost certainly have the best box office of any of the candidates except maybe Beyoncé for Dreamgirls, and I don't really expect her to get in anyway. Meryl will be nommed.

I just hope they shove JHud into lead-comedy/musical with Beyoncé so that the two siphon off each other, leaving STREEP to take that statue home.

Glenn Dunks said...

Yeah, looking at it right now, Streep is as good as gold for a nomination. She's got essentially every box ticked.

Lady in the Water was worse than The Village? didn't you give that a D or something like that? Crikies.

Fanning is stupid and I hate her.

The end.

adam k. said...

Fanning is a good actress, but I bet she'll suffer the Haley Joel Osment fate and end up fugly once she grows up. I mean look at her. She's cute as a kid, but those looks don't look like the seed of a supermodel, by any means.

Wow, I am shallow.

Alanna said...

How could Lady in the Water be worse than The Village? How is that possible?!?

Gilidor said...

Random thoughts.

Damn you, Joe! I had already decided to title my year-end recap The Year of the Jackman, as I already loved X3 and SCOOP and am most looking forward to THE PRESTIGE and THE FOUNTAIN.

Speaking of which, I think the latter will do okay at the B.O. if it has as good reviews as CONSTANT GARDENER. Doesn't Rachel Weisz still have leftover goodwill from that and the Oscar, too?

Oh, and how predictable is the Shyamalan hate-on... I'm looking forward to in 20 years when he will be regarded as one of the great auteurs and you'll have all those people back-pedalling and finally appreciating his genius. At least he's got audiences on his side. Everyone I know who went mentionned how good the reactions were all around them (laughs, tears, jumps). Oh well.

Joe R. said...

I don't know about the "audiences on his side" part, at least not anymore. The audience I saw The Village with laughed at it, and the box-office numbers on Lady in the Water are down big time from Night's previous work.

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