Friday, July 07, 2006

Emmy Nominations

You can see a complete list here. I am a notorious Emmy hater (the worst of the major real awards groups --on autopilot so often and when they're not they often exhibit bad taste anyway) so I shan't go on and on about it. but I will say these quick things:

Arrested Dev., Curb Your Enthusiasm, Office, Scrubs, Two And A Half Men
Why spoil a splendid lineup with that last whaaa? selection. That 'Men' show is painfully generic. I guess 5 out of 5 would be too much to ask Kinda surprising that they punish Desperate Housewives for a weak second season given that it usually takes Emmy 3 years to notice a show has gone sour. But when they nominate an ever lesser show in its place it sorta defeats the point, don't you think?

Grey’s Anatomy, House, The Sopranos, 24, The West Wing
The drama category is always about big hits. And clearly The West Wing is to Emmy what crack is to Whitney. They just can't help themselves. Sadly some of televisions freshest and most fascinating shows like Big Love, Battlestar Galactica and Huff had to pick up mere scraps for nominations. The most inexplicable snubs? The touching last season of Six Feet Under and last year's Drama winner Lost both got heftier nomination totals than 60% of this lineup but still didn't place for the main prize. (???)

Finally allow me this self-indulgent cry of pain: The Emmy Voters ignored my discerning "TV Giveth. TV Taketh Away" post and to spite me gave Alfre Woodard a nomination for her thankless nothing role on Desperate Housewives whilst ignoring Mary McDonnell's best and juiciest role ever on Battlestar Galactica. This proves once and for all that Emmy votes either a) don't watch their tapes. b) are hopeless idiots or c) want me to suffer.

Stupid Voters!

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Anonymous said...

the west wing? alison janney? john cryer? charlie sheen? kevin james? my head hurts

and I guess i'm the only person on earth who thinks Mariska Hargitay blows, she's so overrated

and finally, no lauryn ambrose? and I thought the series finale of six feet under would be enough to get it a best drama series nom, that was a brilliant and very sad finale.

adam k. said...

Yeah, Commander in Chief did poorly, too, though I guess that's not much of a surprise considering the competition. Mostly these noms are just weird. How did Lost and Desperate Housewives flounder so? Why did they nominate Two and a Half Men for anything? How did totally random random people get in over ALL the Housewives? No rhyme or reason.

adam k. said...

And yeah, Janney over Falco and McDonnell? Like, whaa...?

I don't even watch TV anymore at all, though, so why should I care?

Oh right, I may end up acting on TV for a living. That's why.

Anonymous said...

also, I would have left the Sopranos off the shortlist, I love it, but it was a horrible season, and to nominate the worst actor on the show, and leave Falco off the short list is a crime

thales said...

Well, the Emmys lost me since they snubbed Lost this year. I was ready to be divided between the "wow, they really can stretch the concept of strangers castaway on a weird island" of Lost, the "it's cheesy but it's great cheese" of Grey's Anatomy and the "Best. Final. Scene. Ever." of Six feet under.

So... go Grey's, although without T.R. Knight running for best supporting actor I think the reason I love this show isn't the same reason why the Academy loves it (well, zeepos always get me, like Xander from Buffy... Oh, Wait! Sandra Oh! Chandra Wilson! They love this show for the bitches! I can support that).

Same goes for Scrubs (the only comedy I actually watch, although I loved the other three good ones nominated). Anything that keeps JD from delivering his movies ("waiting outside the house" is the new "the shirt matches the wallpaper") is good for me.

And John McGuinley, Lauren Graham, Jessica Walters and Kirsten Bell are lost causes anyway, so why bother?

Oh, and Frances Conroy. She'll probably won't win, but she kicks all the other chicks' asses, and that's really funny if you picture it in your head.

Anonymous said...

The Housewives are weak, but I was surprised by the snub. Marcia Cross was definitely robbed, though. I'm not sure why they qualify for the 'comedy' category. Is it the light Danny Elfman music and the insanely stupid antics of Teri Hatcher's character? Ha, ha, I'm busting a gut. Still, Marcia Cross was robbed! But, yeah, I barely have the energy to really care.

Anonymous said...

I'm outraged by pretty much every major category on some level:

The good? Lost got snubbed. It's a bad, bad programme to my mind. But I'm glad they found room for Grey's, and (sorry Nat) The West Wing deserves its place this time (but should have had a slap and snub for its fifth year).
The bad? Six Feet Under deserved to be there based on its finale alone. But what's the deal with House? Every week is the same (grouch of a man who's supposed to be brilliant struggles to effectively diagnose for 35 minutes, then he has a breakthrough, everyone's happy or learns something, cue closing credits. Yawn.)

Missing: Weeds (should have won), Gilmore Girls (better in previous years, but still should've placed and never has), Desperate Housewives (not as good as previous season, but still better than Two & A Half Frigging Men).

Missing: James Gandolfini (WTF?! You may have 'been there done that', but for good freaking reason!), Michael C Hall (Peter Krause rocks, but Hall had the better season). But thank God you passed on Spader (a 3rd successive win would have bugged me).

Missing: Edie Falco (see James Gandolfini and ditto); Rachel Griffiths (presuming she's lead, she had an even better season than Conroy - they shoulda both been here).

Ugh. Just UGH! Aside from the snubs to the Housewives, and the perenially snubbed Lauren Graham (who should already have 3 or 4 wins in this category to begin with), WHERE IS MARY LOUISE PARKER?! She won the Globe, she's a past Emmy fave - she deserved to have the award in the bag this year! She's stunning in Weeds! And who do they nominate instead? Jane freaking Kaczmarek, for the 85th year running! I knew you'd unfairly snub Longoria (who sells a punchline better than any of the leading Housewives to my mind), and possibly Hatcher (backlash, despite pretty great work), but Cross AND Huffman snubbed too? Oy, oy, oy.

Missing: John Spencer. You wouldn't have been nominating him in an affectionate posthumous nod of respect; you'd have been nominating him because he was pure gold in that role.

Thanks for Sandra Oh, but WHERE is CCH Pounder? You finally realised your 3-year crime and nominated her last year. I figured you'd learned. Also, ditto to the aforementioned Lauren Ambrose snub - she was the heart of the show, and had earned it even without that closing shot. And Lorraine Bracco's agent FINALLY figured out she was no longer a lead in The Sopranos and was campaigned as support. Should have been a slam dunk nomination.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you for Elizabeth Perkins. Now just go on and fill in your ballots. Hold that thought. The other names don't even need to be read out. Especially Alfre Woodard, a divine actress who made the best of appalling material, but still gave the LEAST interesting performance of all the 6 main Housewives this year.

Yeah, so anyway. I have issues.


Anonymous said...

I won't repost but I did a whole good, the bad, and the ugly of the emmy nominations. you can see it here:

Glenn Dunks said...

Yeah, same here. I discussed all this stuff yesterday

I think the emmys not nominating Six Feet Under would be like AMPAS not even nominating Brokeback Mountain. Worse, actually. Just despicable and grotesque. Absolutely pathetic.

But, by the way, Kyra Sedgewick is actually very very good on "The Closer". Definitely her best work.

Anonymous said...

Wow seeing the nominations shows how little I know about TV.

Well considering since they only shows I know about these days are Arrested Development, The Simpsons, My Name is Earl, and Gilmore Girls (the only WB show I can stand these days).

Happy for Arrested Development though, for odd makers. Does Arrested development have a chance in winning the Emmy.

Suprised that Everybody Loves Raymod won last year. Like I said I dont watch that much TV, but I occasionally catch a few episodes of Raymond and thought it gets stale way too quick since its pretty much the same concept everytime.

Anonymous said...

Raymond was one of the worst shows on TV. Romano, Garrett and Heaton are bland, and not funny at all.

DL said...

No Veronica Mars???!!! Well I can't say I didn't expect a snub for Kristen Bell and the show itself because, you know, it is the best show on TV and you know how the Emmy's feel about those (think Buffy, Angel, etc.)

Anonymous said...

While I know the Comedy and Drama categories are the main focus, I should point out one category that is so friggin strong, that it wouldn't be out of place at the Oscars. Nobody seems to be talking about it, but it's a category where really ANY one of the five nominees could win and deserve it. Best Actress in a Mini Series or Movie... Annette Bening, Helen Mirren, Gillian Anderson, Judy Davis & Kathy Bates. I don't care who else did or didn't get nominated in any other category. This category is pure gold.

Unknown said...

Vincent D'onofrio on Law and Order, Criminal Intent is absolutely the best dramatic actor on TV. He deserves and has earned an Emmy.

Anonymous said...

Vincent, Vincent, Vincent

Let's get together and present an award to Vincent