Tuesday, July 18, 2006

First Half Oscar Hopefuls (Finale)

Let's play a silly "what if" game. What if the Oscar eligibility period had ended on June 30th, halfway through the year? What do you imagine the Academy voters would go for minus all those Christmas campaigns and precursor suggestions and media hoopla? Here is my guesswork. (NOT how I would vote obviously -–don't be confused)

Best Picture
An Inconvenient Truth makes history becoming the first documentary nominee ever. The Devil Wears Prada, fueled by Streep fanatics and audience love wins a spot. The lovely folksy swansong of A Prairie Home Companion marks the 4th Best Picture nominee for Robert Altman. Akeelah and the Bee surprises to nab the heartwarming 'triumph of the human spirit' slot. United 93 emerges as the frontrunner.
Snubs: Brick, Cars, DaVinci Code, Eight Below, Friends With Money, The Proposition, Superman Returns, Thank You For Smoking and Water

Best Director
Same thing as best picture minus Akeelah and Truth. Those director slots are filled by ascending Bryan Singer for his religious take on Superman Returns and newbie Jason Reitman, son of Ivan, for his political satire Thank You For Smoking.

For brief thoughts and conjecture on the other categories, too.

You can also vote on your favorite film of 2006 thus far.


Glenn Dunks said...

The Proposition would probably get a make-up nod too.

That was really fun! There really was some great (sounding) stuff already this year. Of course I've barely seen any of them because they're stupid and don't release anything down here.

Anonymous said...

You mean to tell me V for Vendetta doesn't even qualify for a snub in the best picture cateory? No fair! :)

Haven't seen Superman, but Posey's not good enough for a snub either?

P.S. Loving the "batshit crazy" ... don't get it entirely, but love it.

DL said...

If I was an AMPAS member, I would definitely consider Parker Posey for Best Supporting Actress. :P

But I thought Kevin Spacey was so disgustingly over-the-top in Superman Returns. It made me feel funny, since it's the first post-American Beauty film in which I've seen him, and he was so completely perfect (and very Oscar-worthy) in that one.

Anonymous said...

You really should see A Scanner Darkly when you get the chance, Nathaniel. It's tied with Brick for my favourite film of 2006 thus far.

Glenn Dunks said...

I too would nominate Parker Posey if I were an AMPAS member. She gave that film the only good performance it had.

And as much as I hated V For Vendetta, it's Production Design was quite astonishing.

I love saying "boring as batshit" but "batshit crazy" is fine too.

Anonymous said...

You only nom'ed 4 for Best Actor -- Hanks, Washington, Gordon-Levitt, and Eckhart.

I like your picks but find two things implausible:

1) That Cars would be left off while something like Prarie Home Companion or Akeelah and the Bee made it. Remember there's almost always one box office hit included.

2) That Hanks would get nom'ed for Da Vinci while Bettany and McKellen weren't. Honestly -- Kevin Kline was atrocious in Prairie Home Companion! At least one, if not both, Da Vinci guys would get in.


right said -you're probably right on davinci (i haven't seen it) but hanks has zero competition. In fact, ACTOR is the only major category that has not come up with even one longshot yet.


i also didn't think much of Kline in prairie but I was trying to come up with viable AMPAS goofs and it made sense.

it's meant to be a fun exercize and definitely up for debate so i appreciate the comment.

Beau said...

Best Picture: (so far)

A Prairie Home Companion
United 93 (wins)
V for Vendetta
Hard Candy

Glenn Dunks said...

I'm seeing Jindabyne in t minus 1 and a half hours. I think I'm gonna explode with anticipation.

Anonymous said...

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