Sunday, July 23, 2006

Oscar Prediction Updates

You can now read the Oscar prediction chart updates for:


Again, I'm just thinking aloud. Obviously things don't get serious until some major contender emerges in each category (this is why Best Actress is the most exciting at the moment --we already have one).

Return and discuss.


Anonymous said...

Well, It would be great Carmen Maura, getting the nod, but there has been a nod for a foreing picture in supportings. I didn't like so much Cruz, but when she is with Almodovar she is great. And the question that many are doing, Dreamgirls is the story of the Supremes with a happy ending, Jennifer Hudson should be as lead as Beyoncé,but who knows?, Zeta Jone swent supporting and won.

Beau said...

:), i'm so happy at all this Meryl love going around. it's just so joyous and optimistic that i can't help but smile.

Michael Caine looks brilliant in Children of Men, btw. Props on noting the possibility.

adam k. said...

I really don't think Affleck will ever be nominated for an acting oscar.

And is he even supporting in Hollywoodland? I kinda thought he was the lead... and he's not the sort of actor (i.e. unfamous) who would get thrown in supporting fraudulently.

Beau said...

i'd say he's supporting on account of the fact that his character is dead from the start. typically, characters appearing posthumously in films are there to provide advice, inform the main character about some history he/she was unaware of, or just manifest in flashbacks. he seems to be more a result of the third, and a tad bit of the second, not enough for a lead. though i would like to see him get a good role and some prestige, poor dude deserves it.

and yay for the return of diane lane!!!!

Lyn said...

Having seen Little Miss Sunshine (verdict = awesome) I'd bump Toni Collette further down. I love Collette and she's perfect in this, but it's not "her" film, and she doesn't make that big an impact in it. It's not going to happen.

Carrell does have more of an argument - your longshot status is I think about right. IMO, he doesn't rise noticably above the ensemble to be best in show, but love for the film (if it happens) and a wish for it to get nommed for something might push him across the line.

Note that this is the first time I have ever voiced an opinion on nominations (so not my field), so most likely I am 100% wrong, wrong, wrong.

J.J. said...

If Meryl is nominated for Prada, I will eat my shoe.

Anonymous said...

Get ready with some tasty relish to help the shoe go down JJ!

Much as Affleck has bugged me over recent years, he's sporadically competent enough that, if he keeps getting high-profile work, eventually a decent performance and subsequent nomination could stick. The guy in Chasing Amy and Changing Lanes showed as much promise as, say, Heath Ledger did in his career before Brokeback. OK, so there's Daredevil and Armageddon compromising the integrity of those performances, but I wouldn't put it past him (or Hollywood) all the same.


Anonymous said...

You heard it here first:

Koji Yakusho (Babel), Best Supporting Actor nom.

Actually, I probably just jinxed it.

DL said...

I'm really disappointed that The Assassination of Jesse James by The Coward Robert Crawford was bumped to '07. I really really really wanted to see Mary-Louise Parker get her first Oscar nomination.

Anonymous said...

Robert Downey Jr.? A Scanner Darkly? Eh? Anyone? Bueller?

I'll shut up about this performance now; I just really liked it.

Beau said...

haven't seen it yet. plan to catch it this weekend, along with woody's "scoop".

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