Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Links Episode #131

Movie Marketing Madness on the awesome discomfort of Michael Mann films and the marketing buildup to Miami Vice
Cinematical on what’s next for Donnie Darko auteur Richard Kelly once he's fully rejiggered Southland Tales
LA Times Patrick Goldstein’s “Call it Shyamaladenfreude”, an article on the unraveling psyche of M Night. A hot topic on this blog this past week. [src]
Sunday Mail on "50 movies to see before you die." [src]


Anonymous said...

where's your Lady in the Water review?


I am still reeling from it. from its blatant disregard of all things that constitute good moviemaking ;)

Anonymous said...

On the '50 films to watch before you die,' I'd like to know who these 'experts' are? How many of these films are directed by women? How many of these films are about women? Oh, well. What do I know.

Chris Thilk said...

Hey Nathaniel,

Glad you liked my MMM column on Miami Vice. Found your blog through a referal and like it as well. Subscribed.

Glenn Dunks said...

While these sort of lists (narrowed down to 50 especially!) are usually quite stupid, I must commend them for putting such titles as The Breakfast Club, Pink Flamingos, The King of Comedy (over titles such as Taxi Driver and Goodfellas is a brave move), Lagaan, Heavenly Creatures, Manhattan (and not Annie Hall), Cabaret and Mulholland Drive.

They could've easily been boring and included all the usual suspects (er, including The Usual Suspects too).

However, this shits me up the wall: "Experts put Francis Ford Coppola's 1979 Vietnam War classic - starring Marlon Brando - top of their 50 must-see movies."

Sorry, but Marlon Brando is as much the star of Apocalypse Now as Queen Latifah was of Chicago. It's not like Martin Sheen isn't famous or anything!

Anonymous said...

I found this: 50 Films, which says that the 50 films were voted on "by a panel of film experts including producer Lord David Puttnam, film critics Jason Solomons and Karen Krizanovich, film publicist Jonathan Rutter, Channel 4 Head of Film and Drama Tessa Ross, and film director Menhaj Huda."

It's been pointed out elsewhere that all of these movies are in fact owned by Film4, which makes sense. :)

Anonymous said...

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