Monday, July 17, 2006


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As has previously been covered in the comments... Yes, Michelle has been cast in Hairspray as Velma Von Tussle! But like Cinematical, I can't help but be chilled by the director: Adam Shankman (He's responsible for what I hear are several hideous blights on cinema. I did not see Cheaper by the Dozen 2, The Pacifier, or The Wedding Planner among others. I'm not that masochistic.) Now to be fair to Shankman he does have a second lengthy career as a choreographer so maybe a musical is just the trick to bring out his inner genius. It's a stretch but we can pray for the best.

The other thing dampening my cheers is my memory of seeing this show on Broadway. It is a ridiculously fun show. That's not the problem. The problem is that Velma Von Tussle's big moment in the musical is the only showstopper that doesn't stop the show. She has the weakest song.

EW PopWatch on James Marsden's actual acting talent. I *think* that I agree but I'd still like to see more to support the thesis. Maybe he shoulda been on my top 100 list --but god, that was lengthy enough.

Cinephilia "This Week in My Issues with Natalie Portman" -Arden is funny and smart. I agree that Natalie does need to at least try a little more onscreen. You shouldn't coast between Beautiful Girlss and Closers.


Anonymous said...

Funny article. I agree that she could work with better directors, but I think she's just getting started now that Star Wars is behind her. I thought she was great in Closer and Garden State ... and, yes, I liked her in V For Vendetta.

My roommate would be in agreement with everything that's said about her. She calls her 'no choice' Natalie, pertaining to her inability to make any clear choice in her acting style.

I can kind of see that, but I'm still mezmerized by her. It will probably wear off soon, though.

Still, Arden was quite funny. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

If you think Portman needs to at least try a little onscreen, then why do you have her on your supporting actress list for 2006? and your "her career is going well" comment? give me a break!

Please just stop being a hypocrite and take her out of that list, if that's what you really think.


i don't change lists once they're made. unless they say they're changeable. That list is meant to be a time capsule.

That V for Vendetta performance (after making the list) just seemed so noncommital. And I have never once said anything other than that she was terrible in the SW films. so I fail to see how linking to another persons posts about their doubts about her is being hypocritical ;)

Anonymous said...

people get feisty about natalie portman, dude.

lord knows why. i see a picture of her and i fall asleep.

you know... when i'm not bitching about her.

Anonymous said...

an article i read earlier today said they wrote a brand new song just for Pfeiffer to sing in the movie, so hopefully it will be better

Glenn Dunks said...


Anonymous said...

Marc Shaiman definitely has said there will be at least three new songs for the film, one being a replacement for "Baltimore Crabs."

Maybe Pfeiffer was holding out to hear that new tune; it took her long enough to sign on the dotted line, but how fun to see her sing again in a musical!

Beau said...

WAYYYY too much hating on Portman for me, loves. (and nate, babe, who WASN'T terrible in the Star Wars prequels? Ian McDirmid practically chewed all the scenery off the green screen, Ewan was rendered charmless, Hayden whined, and Sam Jackson risked his position of the coolest cat onscreen today by being... boring. BLAH.)

and 'A Walk to Remember' wasn't terrible. (for Shankman)


but --argh--- i chastise her because I love her don't you see?

it's very complicated, these "relationships" with actresses ;) . I love Portman BUT I do think she coasts a bit. this is all.

Mostly I just thought Arden's post was funny.

Beau said...

she MAY coast a bit in certain films, but there's always something she brings to the proceedings... charisma, grace, subtle wrath... i just love her.

and i definitely understand the complicated 'relationships' with actresses part, ;). they can frustrate you with some decisions or the way they play the role but in the end? you can't help but just love them to death. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm beyond excited it's her comeback!

Anonymous said...