Thursday, July 27, 2006

Collette as a Triple Threat

Toni ! Toni ! Toni ! I’m always pleased to bring good news regarding one of the best actors out there. Those with superior discerning taste in screen talent (like you my dear readers --I’ve noticed plenty of Collette acolytes among your ranks) are nearly always fans.

I think it was about a year ago in interviews that Toni Collette started hinting at being ready to give up acting and work on a music career. Obviously retiring from acting did not happen (yay!). She has two new films opening. The first, a Sundance hit, Little Miss Sunshine, has just arrived. The second is the Robin Williams thriller The Night Listener, a sponsor of this very page (click on the ad to the right to learn more). To listen to the NPR story --you can even hear Toni song --this link.

Not that she hasn’t sung beautifully before. She was sensational and Tony nominated on Broadway as flamboyant dancing showgirl “Queenie” in The Wild Party. I buy the CDs to most Broadway shows that I like and it’s probably the one I’ve listened to the most over the past few years.

*thanks to reader Jason for the tip*

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Anonymous said...

I may be alone on this one, but I think she should have hands down won the Oscar for The Sixth Sense. she was so fantastic, her line reading, everything. that scene in the car with cole towards the end, where he tells her about her mom seeing her dance, she was brilliant!

adam k. said...

I'm just gonna pretend that Toni is this week's hump day hottie.

Anonymous said...

I saw The Night Listener at Sundance. Toni was great, per usual, but the film was merely okay.


adam -pretend away. if i'd heard this news yesterday she woulda been.

DL said...

Toni Collette is perfection, and one of my favorite all-time actors. I just wish with everything in me that she would work more often in larger parts.

Although she was undeniably extraordinary in The Sixth Sense, it really bothers me that that is her sole Oscar nomination to date. If we lived in a perfect world, she would already have 1 (2?) Oscar statuette (for The Hours and maybe In Her Shoes) sitting in her house.

Anonymous said...


Why are you plugging a Robin Williams film on your blog? I realize that Toni's co-starring in it but still, this is not something I would expect you to come out in support of. (Robin Williams = no, thanks.)





the ads to the right hand side give me income since few of you "donate" ;)

adam k. said...

Hey man, I donated.

Also, the single sign answer of "$" was totally brilliant.

But is the only news here that Toni has two new movies? And that NPR did a story on her? I love that she's not retiring from acting, too, but this news isn't that exciting.

Glenn Dunks said...

I donated to! I'm not sure how much I donated cause I donated in Aussie moolah, but I donated!

I think I read that Toni Collette's album is coming out later this year. There was an article about her recently in an Australian newspaper, and it was talking about her album and such.

Anonymous said...

She's so great in Little Miss Sunshine

Anonymous said...

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