Saturday, August 19, 2006

And I Am Linking You...

Film Narrative is givin' me nightmares about Summer 2007
novaslim on 3 childhood faves. Oh, this takes me back. All 3 times.
NowPublic "Half of All Americans Have Below Average IQs". I love their photo montage: Jessica Simpson, hee. But as to the study discovery: Well, duh!

Reel Fanatic on the upcoming Sweeney Todd --I'm noticing a basic rule of thumb in all posts about this adaptation. If the writer knows the classic Sondheim musical already they're terrified of what might happen to it with an unskilled singer in the lead role (this is not an "easy" musical --you need a great voice. Wasn't Depp dubbed for Crybaby?) If they don't know the stage classic, they're excited for Depp & Burton together again for the 16th time. Sweeney Todd begins filming early in 07.


adam k. said...

Did you see the comment by filman on the Julianne post about her ACTUAL blog post on the Trust the Man blog? She actually did post on a blog. Haha.

You should check out her post. It's pretty surreal. Everyone left comments to her (including myself) about what a great actress she is.

And after I left that loving comment to her, I proceeded to post on my own blog about my feelings on her inability to perform comedy. Check that out too. I think I've sorted out my feelings on her remarkable inconsistency in that regard.

Anonymous said...

Nat, who do you think should be cast as Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd? doesn't she have to be somewhat middle aged? I have heard people throw out names like Zellweger(!! pls god no) Toni Collette, and Winslet, but I think they would be way too young.

I think Michelle Pfeiffer, and I know i'll get alot of flack for even thinking of her for this, but I think she would be a good fit, I know she doesn't look 48, but they could fix that, she can sing, she is good with darker roles. Just a suggestion, though i'm sure fans of the muscical want to kill me now for throwing her name out there. oh well.

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to add that Meryl Streep would probably be a kick ass choice for Mrs. Lovett, but i'm not sure she would have time to do this, she has a ton of projects on her plate right now last I checked.

adam k. said...

I would say IMELDA STAUNTON without a doubt (but I am not Nat).

Meryl Streep would also work, though.

Though Helena Bonham Carter, the inevitable choice, also seems decent.


imelda would be awesome for reasons i'll probably go into next week.

there's a post on sweeney todd coming --be patient ;)

adam k. said...

Imelda would be SO awesome, and I wish I had more faith in her chances at being cast.

Nathaniel, could you offer some of your thoughts on Little Miss Sunshine at some point? Like maybe a review and awards possibilities?

I loooooooovvved it and I see that you only gave it B. I suppose there are some pacing issues and plot contrivance issues that keep it from being truly great, but boy did I enjoy it like nobody's business. So many props to the cast. I can't seem to single out anyone, but that was the definition of great ensemble work, says me.

FYC: Little Miss Sunshine for best ensemble cast

...for the FB award, BFCA award, SAG, etc.

Anonymous said...

Yup, Imelda would be great. Then they could maybe give her an "apology Oscar".

(Though actually I wanted Annette to win that year. But I'm indiscriminate when it comes to Swank-bashing.)


Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that half the movies listed in that 'Film Narrative' link are all the 3rd movie in their respective series? The 3rd Spider-Man, 3rd Shrek, 3rd Pirates, 3rd Ocean's, 3rd Bourne and 3rd Rush Hour. Is that an even remotely interesting observation? :)

Anonymous said...

Oh am I'm very much looking forward to that Sweeney post.

Glenn Dunks said...

I really have no idea what Sweeny Todd so I sorta can't wait to see what all the fuss is about.

Hairspray, however, after listening to the soundtrack isn't exactly right up there of musicals I wanna see.

Anonymous said...

You could always watch clips of Sweeney on YouTube: Sweeney Todd search @youtube, if you've never seen or heard it before.

There's a mix of clips from the revival, the 1982 version, and the concert version ('01? '02?).

adam k. said...

Those youtube clips aren't generally the best quality, though, so take them with a grain of salt in terms of deciding whether you like the show or not.