Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Double Booked

OK... What goes around comes around and I've got Guest Blogging duties at ModFab this week. Until my total return I've opened up posting to anyone in Hollywood who is interested. That might sound ballsy and frightening but I have administrative powers. I can always delete posts.

Sorry for the delay... Enjoy a refreshing link.

Lindsay Lohan Endangered species?
Re: Kiki Dunst -glad I'm not the only one who still loves her. Still can't wait to see Marie-Antoinette. These photos are sweet as cake.
Zach Snyder talks about 300 and Watchmen --I keep meaning to write about these movies but never do.
Matthew McConau-gay? Funny and rude stuff.
Re: 9/11 & The Oscars Kris Tapley of "In Contention" thinks it's getting ugly. What say you?
Julianne Moore will be posing nude for charity but that "girl from a trailer park" is too good for the same --hate her.
Re: Christina Ricci Where she be? Good question.
Monster House I wish more people would take my advice and see it.


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna get furious if Academy tries to convince me on late February that Dreamgirls's art-direction is better than Marie-Antoinette's one.

Yaseen Ali said...

How do you know Hilary Swank refuses to pose because she feels "too good" for the project? That's not really fair.


wait. me not fair to hilary swank? unheard of!


Anonymous said...

Ms. Ricci is gracing the cover of W Magazine this month, looking utterly fabulous in fur (http://popsugar.com/17744?sidcheck=1&idcheck=1)