Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Get Linked

Reverse Shot f***ed me over (jk) I was going to write something about all the magicians in the movies these days but they beat me to it.

The Pen15 Club has a post re: Stephen Dorff using his hard body to keep his acting career going. What is he, an actress or something? The Dorff ubiquity on the web this week is due to recent paparazzi beach shots and his very naked NSFW turn in the film Shadowboxer. Frankly I'm a little disappointed that that scene is getting all the attention. Shadowboxer doesn't always work but the Dorff penis is one of the least interesting moments in it. The Pen15 Club also has an infuriating post (not them, the topic) up about the upcoming Mysteries of Pittsburgh film. It's one of my favorite novels and I completely agree with their assumptional outrage.

Slant's Ed Gonzalez offers up his Emmy predictions. Methinks he gives the voters too much credit.

Cinematical fills us in on Susan Sarandon's next project. And incidentally. This isn't the only one she's got in the pipeline. Perhaps she noticed the resurgence of Streep and Bening and starting kicking her agent's ass.

Bravo prints an email from funny girl Kathy Najimy (speaking of somebody who needs to work more). She pissed about last week's Project Runway and explains why quite eloquently.

Oh and here's that Little Children trailer we were discussing. So go back to that post and continue the discussion. Thanks, Andy!


Beau said...

in response to the "Little Children" trailer...

did you see that camerawork? that cinematography? that acting?
i just, i... it's right on par with the novel. i'm amazingly happy right now.
and check out the downloads section. there's one of winslet holding wilson that's just... unspeakably beautiful.

Robb said...

okay Nathaniel...I read Kathy Najimy's(LOVE HER) post on Bravo...I too was shocked and horrified at the reasons why Alison got the boot last week on "Project Runway". No, the outfit was not good, and no, the outfit did not flatter the model's figure.Still,to get into a discussion about plus-size blahblahblah.Ridiculous!(loved the bow-tie hairdo 'tho.So fun.) At a party recently I started an argument by saying that Tyra Banks was far cooler than Heidi Klum. I was so right.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou thankyou thankyou for the trailer link. Sigh. Happy.