Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pedro Watch #2

"Viva Pedro!" is in its second week here in Manhattan and they're still showing Women on the Verge... I'm a little confused about this retrospective. I thought it would be a different movie each week. But I'll keep on rounding up the Pedro Almodovar links of interest for you to enjoy or ignore.

LA Times Kenneth Turan looks back with Almodovar at his brilliant career.
Hindustan Times congratulates Penelope Cruz for Volvering back to Pedro.
Nicks Flick Picks accidentally started a whole Pedro conversation. Go over there right now and tell him why he should love Almodovar like the rest of us. Sic' em!
Amandas MsAdventures This isn't about Almodovar but it does reference him briefly in a fun way. It's a story about insomnia and living in Manhattan.
Tom Fosgard considers Women on the Verge... a favorite and urges newbies to start with All About My Mother

In other Pedro gossip, reader Antonio tells us over at the ongoing Pedro Muse poll that the reason that Carmen Maura and Pedro Almodovar had the falling out in 1989 (Volver is her first movie with him since then) is that Pedro didn't take her to the Oscars that year.

Those damn Oscars. They ruin everything.

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Jason Adams said...

Seriously, I cannot for the life of me figure out the schedule for what they're showing and when. If you do figure it out do share, because there are some I'd like to see, too. Damn their confusing websites!

adam k. said...

When exactly is Volver going to be released?

Glenn Dunks said...

Isn't Volver out in November?

It would make sense if films were one every week because that would be 8 weeks and that would finish the run in November.


I've had Pedro on the brain and last night I sat down and watched All About my Mother again. God... so freakin' good. Definitely my favourite of the ones I've seen.

Agustin said...

Volver was already released here..
LOVED it..
I really owe myself All About My Mother, and a hundred others..
Talk To Her was great, same Women on A Verge..
But I did not like Bad Education, so I'm really glad that I liked Volver, because if not I would have abandoned Pedro for a while..
Carmen and Penelope are incredible.. some shots were also really good, one specially showing us Penelope's "assets"..
Just go and see it as soon as you can, you never know how much can it last.