Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bugging Out

My thanks to Andy at Everything Oscar for pointing our way towards this trailer for Bug. The movie stars Ashley Judd, Harry Connick Jr, and the original male lead of the stage production, Michael Shannon. As you know I've been nervously awaiting this feature since I first saw the Off Broadway hit. There was already movie talk by the time I made it to the theater several months into its hit run. (My previous post about this play)

I'm not sure what I think of this trailer. Make no mistake, this was always going to be a hard picture to market. How exactly do you sell a horror film which has almost no similarities to traditional horror films?

Doesn't look like they've come up with an answer but I hope the movie is great because the source material sure as hell is.

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Anonymous said...

yeah... i have a feeling this isn't going to really cut it.

friedkin directed the exorcist to be sure. but he also directed the hunted and jade. i don't know if you've seen either one of those lately but i have...

... not good.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, I think the trailer looks pretty good. I'm not familiar with the play.

adam k. said...

I'm not familiar with the play either, but this looks less baity than I thought.

Eh. Maybe they're planning on the best actress buzz to get people to see it.

As long as Ashley Judd doesn't beat Winslet, Kidman, Streep and Bening to the oscar this year, I'm fine with however good or bad Bug is.

Joe R. said...

Well, if nothing else it kind of takes the "de-glam" out of the equation for Ahsley. If she does end up in the running for best actress (it would take a lot, frankly), she'll be seen as "genre" rather than "de-glamming." She's not going to be seen as "heroic" for doing this picture a la Felicity, Charlize, Halle, etc.