Tuesday, August 29, 2006

First Impression

I wanted to say a hearty welcome to any newcomers perusing the site. For a crash course in the particulars of the Film Experience madness, here's some semi-regular features to peruse: * Classic Movie of the Week (which is not weekly. shut up.) * A History Of... (someone or something) * Blogosphere Multiplex... (interviews w/ cool web folk) * Hump Day Hottie (for the carnally minded) * Oscar Chatter (yeah, there's lots of that)

Try a sampling of "greatest hits": Far From Heaven vs. Brokeback Mountain (a side by side showdown) * She's a Bitch (a video mix) * Pfeiffer Forever (a blog-a-thon with 36 participating websites) * Actors of the Aughts (a top 100 countdown)

Or just ignore me and explore. I talk too much.

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