Saturday, August 05, 2006

Lost in Johansson: It's a Wrap.

And we now conclude "Scarlett Week" with the following lists...
Lists!? This never happens on the Film Experience. It's a miracle.

Best Scarlett Johansson Website

These photos are all of Scarlett celebrating Lost in Translation at various bashes, premieres, festivals. For thousands more (you heard me right) ---or if Scarlett week had you all hot and bothered, visit Scarlett Fan. It's a huge spiffy website. If all movie actors had websites this comprehensive the world would be a better, prettier, happier, more satisfying place.

They even have a big Black Dahlia page up. Is it just me or is Scarjo getting all Naomi Watts on us in this movie? Look at this pic below

Your favorite Scarjo performances
51% of you love Charlotte in Lost in Translation most.
17% of you bought into her randy emotional turn in Match Point and
15% of you most grooved on that Girl with a Pearl Earring. Complete poll results here

My favorite Scarjo performances
01. Girl with a Pearl Earring challenged her the most and she delivered. [FB Nomination]
02. Lost in Translation fittingly made her a star with that tricky lost-but-still-strong duality of character.
03. Ghost World in which she expertly handled a character arc that wonderfully paralleled the audiences understanding of the girls.

Her biggest box office grossers
01. The Horse Whisperer $75 million
02. In Good Company $45 million
03. Lost in Translation $44 million

The most inexplicable thing about her career
That Globe nomination for Love Song for Bobby Long

The smartest thing about her career
Who she's chosen to work with (auteurially speaking) and who she's avoided (Tom Cruise pre-Katie Holmes, Scarjo was rumored to be his original target)

Reasons why Scoop is not as bad you've heard
01. Scarlett and Woody really do have chemistry as a screen pair. (I don't mean romantically. Ewww.)
02. Hugh Jackman takes his shirt off (often) + Scarlett in a bathing suit.
03. Some of the jokes are actually funny even if it's forced and fluffy.

Her only dangerous rivals for "Queen of Young Hollywood" Status
01. Natalie Portman. Like Scarjo she has both the auteurs and the audiences wrapped around her fingers. In Natalie's corner: That Oscar nomination and the best boyfriend in Hollywood (Gael Garcia Bernal). In Scarjo's corner: No performances as stinky as "Queen Amidala"
02. Kirsten Dunst. Like Scarjo she's had critical acclaim. In Kirsten's corner: Sofia Coppola's true muse (twice over). Plus better box office track record. In Scarjo's corner: Wasn't dumb enough to dump Jake Gyllenhaal.
03. Keira Knightley. Like Scarjo she's all the rage right this second. In Keira's corner: Better box office, Oscar validation, plus a franchise to keep her employed. In Scarjo's corner: More range. Far sexier.

Hope you've enjoyed Scarlett Week. Next week will be Scarlett free (unless one of the guest bloggers can't resist)

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adam k. said...

See? Scoop really isn't that bad.

I do wonder though how Scarlett for example has become this MOVIE STAR when she's yet to have a single real box office hit. Horse Whisperer doesn't really count, and wasn't so huge anyway. LiT also wasn't huge, though those who saw it loved it. I mean, is the public at large really into her?

I think I am in the LiT perf camp, though I suppose GwaP did challenge her more and was more on her shoulders as a film, so it's a close second. Woulda been hard to choose what to nominate her for that year... I can see why oscar voters were confused.

Also, I was reading on an imdb thread that there was some tiff between Sofia and her during LiT, which is why apparently neither Bill nor Sofia thanked her in their globe/oscar speeches. Anybody know what that's about?

Glenn Dunks said...

I think it is funny how Scarlett is this big huge celebrity when, as Adam says, she hasn't had a truly successful film. But, I still love her to death.

1. Lost in Translation
2. Ghost World
3. Girl With A Pearl

Also, advantages for Natalie and Keira - they both have Oscar nominations, whereas Keira does not (for whatever reason).

Oh, and also, isn't Natalie now going out with Jake Gyllenhaal?

Derek said...

Ugh, I saw Scoop today... very disappointed :(

Reel Fanatic said...

I'll take Natalie Portman, but the dirty old man in me has to give Scarlett props for starting two movies ("Lost in Translation" and "The Perfect Score") With rather close-up shots of her pretty panties

Anonymous said...

Look closer:

Scarlett is not Namoi Waats in The Black Dahlia; she is Gloria Grahame herself.

- cal roth

Anonymous said...

Bill Murray definitely did thank Coppola at the BAFTA's, and I'm pretty sure Scarlett did too

adam k. said...

I mean that neither Bill nor Sofia thanked co-star Scarlett. Yes, she and Bill always thanked Sofia. But Sofia and Bill didn't thank her. Not the discrepancy.

adam k. said...

Not = note

The Chemistry Guru said...

adam.k is right. It was very conspicous to say they least.
But I will still take scarlett over the trio of natalie/kirsten/keira.

Now if only she would be smart enough to dump josh harnett for jake gyllenhaal...

Anonymous said...

Even Portman's flawed Amidala is worlds a head of whatever emoting Scarlett J. whines her way through. I do however think she's hot and it was nice oogling her this week, but maybe next time we could have a foxxy lady with breadth too, ya' know someone like Pamela Anderson.. I kid.


The Chemistry Guru said...

Even Portman's flawed Amidala is worlds a head of whatever emoting Scarlett J. whines her way through

aww! c'mon now. could you seriously call her perfomance in 'Girl..' whining emoting??

adam k. said...

I think people just recognized Scarlett's old hollywood glam and sexiness, as well as her talent, and latched on. She kind of has this air of "too good for the masses; film buffs only".

But Keira, Kirsten and Natalie have all had big big hits (PotC, Spiderman, Star Wars) in addition to their small arty fare (P&P, Virgin Suicides, Closer) and even have more in-between mainstream type stuff (Bend it like Beckham, Bring It On, Garden State). Whereas Scarlett really only has art films. In Good Company wasn't exacly a monster hit, and her one true stab at box office glory (The Island) was a failure. She's the type who I think will be truly appreciated after the world catches up with her.

Anonymous said...

actually Scarlett isn't 'that' bad, especially in "Girl with a Pearl Earring" she even had some glowing moments in "Match Point". I really have high hopes for Scarlett. I just had to defend my girl Nat ... I honestly don't even think they're in the same league. What we need is a Portman week, just the thought of one makes me all giddy.

ps: Natalie and Scarlett might be in the 'Boleyn' film together, now that would be awesome. And maybe Nat can show her how it's done.


Glenn Dunks said...

Portman still hasn't bettered her role in The Professional if you ask me.

Kokodee mentioned Scarlett and Josh. I actually really like these two as a couple because THEY DON'T GRAB YOUR HAIR AND SHOVE YOUR FACE IN THEIR RELATIONSHIP.

In fact, I don't remember reading a single thing about them in months.

The Chemistry Guru said...

yeah, yeah...but we are talking career strategy folks!

adam k. said...

Yeah I kind of didn't even know ScarJo and Hartnett were daying until this week.