Monday, August 07, 2006

Jackie Beat Rules!

One of my favorite performers in the entire f'ing world started a blog five months ago and no one told me. I hate all of you!

I kid. I just can't believe I missed it up till now. But anyway. Go check out Jackie Beat's blog. Among the early delights, a random sampling of five beautiful blogposts.

#1 She totally reads Lindsay Lohan (with whom I'm also just about done with despite years of vocal support --so sick of her wasting her opportunities)
#2 She invents a new word that I'm going to be using all the time from now on "Borrible" because damnit --why didn't I think of that? Hilarious.
#3 We love a quiz. "Are you a REAL friend of Jackie's?"
#4 An awesome "happy birthday to me" manifesto against plastic surgery.
#5 A "Little Miss Know-It-All" column on the sacred institution of marriage.

The two of you out there who have actually read my print zine "Film Bitch" from the 90s (prior to the glorious rapture that was website-ing) know that I've actually met Ms. Beat a few times and interviewed her for the zine. Jackie Beat Rules!

Twas true years ago. Tis true now.


Yaseen Ali said...

If Lindsay Lohan had listened to everyone's advice two years ago, she would have landed the same roles that Scarlett Johansson enjoys now. So much wasted potential...

Jackie Beat is right on the money; took the words out of all our mouths. Lohan is an ungrateful, arrogant brat who better get her shit together soon if she wants to salvage her dying career.

Yaseen Ali said...

The "Marriage is Sacred" column is brill as well.


don't you think Borrible is the best word too?

Yaseen Ali said...

I'm not 100% sold on it, but if you use it enough in the future...