Thursday, August 17, 2006

Will I Be Your Mommy? Yes!

Hello Film Experience Readers,

I guess I'm a familiar face at this blog so an introduction isn't necessary. I met Nathaniel once in Los Angeles and he was a sweet boy. His mother should be proud. But I have to say, peaking around this blog, he's a lot more coherent in print than in person. He couldn't even form complete sentences in LA (not that that's required there. lol) Maybe he shouldn't have wished me good luck at the Oscars, though. His fandom is like a bad luck charm!

While I'm here there's two things I wanted to tell you about.

The first is that it looks like Savage Grace is finally going to be made. The IMDB has listed it as "filming" for years now. But they're mistaken. I'd know if I was on set. But I guess you can't blame them for the confusion. Tom and I were thisclose to nicknaming the movie "Savage Flora Plum". Tom's a doll. He's so patient, what with all the false starts this film has gone through not to mention the rotating cast of husbands for me: John Malkovich, Clive Owen, even one of the Baldwin brothers (lol. I'm sorry Alec Billy (?) Stephen --no, no it definitely wasn't him) Have you ever seen Tom's first feature Swoon? That was such a smart gem. I'm so happy to be running with that new queer cinema crowd again from the early 90s. I'm glad that Todd is still their king. He's a genius. So when Todd and I are done with that Bob Dylan piece I'm Not There I'm going to play Barbara Daly Baekeland in Savage Grace. Stephen Dillane is my new screen husband since Clive, John, and the Baldwin moved on. I'm really excited to work with him. He helped Nic win the Oscar for that train station scene in The Hours --oh, you know he did! Think he can do the same for me?

Eddie Redmayne will be playing my nutso son who I sleep with. He is such a sweetie. Plus he once starred as the son in that masterful Edward Albee play The Goat: Or Who is Sylvia so he knows all about inappropriate sexualizations of parental figures. It'll be like my Boogie Nights scenes all over again. And you have to know I'm looking forward to that...I miss my babies from that shoot so much.

Can you believe we're finally going to make this film? I'm pregnant with excitement. I almost can't believe it which would probably explain why I'm so incoherent this morning. Please excuse me. Maybe I should move to LA. lol.

The second thing I wanted to talk about is more of a request. Back when I was first getting famous I said that I read every script I get, even if it's from the plumber or the soccer mom down the street or something ... under the umbrella of "you never know." The unfortunate side effect of this rather public statement was that I get a million. They never stop coming in. So the screenplays just stack up and I thought I'd enlist your help.

Which of these parts should I play next?

There's one that's kind of a satire called To Mother You and I love attempting comedy. It's about a famous actress with an adoption fetish who travels the globe and just smothers her growing brood with love and a new world of opportunity. Then there's a modernization of Medea which could be gruesome (what with all the child killing) but that woman just loved too much. She lost it. There's an adaptation of the TV show Eight is Enough where'd I'd play the old Betty Buckley role and be a stepmom to eight (!) child stars --it's so painful for her to keep that distance because she's the step-parent but she loves them so much. Then there's this really risque drama Mother May I? about twin children who love their mother in really inappropriate ways. There's a biopic of Mother Jones. Did you know that ALL of her young children died of yellow fever prior to her reinvention as a social activist and hellraiser? You know that must have really formed her.

There's also a fictionalized adaptation of several psychological bestsellers She Loved Too Much! which is about a mother without enough boundaries. Then there's a remake of that Sally Field film Not Without My Daughter which would be very topical now, don't you think? She just loved that child so much. A thrilled named Cord Blood about a woman who wakes up in the hospital after delivery and they tell her her baby died, but did it? She goes crazy. She wanted that baby so bad.

I love all of these screenplays. These parts really resonate with me but they're all so different. I'm torn. Maybe I should do them all?

Julie Anne Moore


adam k. said...

Aren't you filming Savage Grace right now, Julianne? That's what it looks like. Tell your handlers to try and get it released at the end of this year to shock everyone.

Glenn Dunks said...

i giggled every time she said "lol"

Ramification said...

haha, i love all the mother roles, thats funny stuff

Alanna said...

Oh I see what you did here.

Anonymous said...

Savage Grace does not look promising they need to get a lead actress who can act.

Anonymous said...

An actress that comes to mind Holly Hunter or Michelle Pfeiffer.


anonymous... are you the same amorphous blogcommenting entity who always rags on Julianne herein ?

if so I'm beginning to assume you've only seen her in Hannibal and those bad bad comedies she does. because in everything else she's the genuine article, bonafide.


adam k. said...

Even in Hannibal, she wasn't bad, as I recall. Only the movie was.

Anonymous said...

yeah she was decent in Hannibal, she had big shoes to fill. her only great performance was in Safe though, and she was good in The End of The Affair.

Glenn Dunks said...

Are you the same Julianne hater from up there?

Anonymous people frustrate me, especially when they're angry and hating on the world (or Julianne as it would have it)

Anonymous said...

Julianne is just shooting savage grace RIGHT NOW, as she herself writes in the trust the man blog:

so, and what about TRUST THE MAN? has anybody already seen it? its a comedy again, but its by bart freundlich and I think it looks really good (the clips+trailer, Julianne seems to be great)!!!

Anonymous said...

Is this really Julianne? Than why does she spell her first name in two different parts?


Her name is actually Julie Ann Moore. "Julianne Moore" is her professional name.

Anonymous said...

So is it really her?