Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I Shouldn't Be Here...

I've been at Wrenwood for 11 years now (?) Sometimes. Now I get computer privileges, right. The screen has a cover. You'd be surprised how... But it still hurts my eyes through the protective goggles. I feel that maybe radiation gets through this, too? It's plastic which...oh god, why can't my eyes foc-- I should go.

Maybe you should turn off the computer, too?

I love you very much.
-Carol White


Anonymous said...

Fuck, that just gave me the creepiest mental image ever: a slow POV shot approaching the igloo, a voice over, "Carol? Carol are you ok?" Slowly open the door, find her emaciated, she'll turn to dust if you touch her.

Kind of like the opening scene of Superstar, only without the freakout music at the reveal of the body. Just silence.

Yaseen Ali said...

This post is so brilliant and devastating at the same time.

adam k. said...

It's uncanny how much Carol's face in this picture looks like you, Nathaniel.