Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mrs. Harris Mrs. Beatty!

Hi subjects,

Annette here --Mrs. Warren Beatty, as you know. Or as Nathaniel often affectionately refers to me, The Bening. I had a good time last time I was here so I thought I'd pop in again. Nathaniel is oft double booked, you see. People seem to think he takes a lot of vacations but, really, I'm amazed that any of you commoners can keep up your 60 hour work weeks with your measly 2 weeks worth of vacations. What drudgery. For an internationally acclaimed critically lauded bonafide movie star like myself that'd equate to, what, 6 movies a year (?) –-not all of us are 'blue collar' like Scarlett Johansson. We here she has "help" anyway.

Who wants to be on set every day of the year?

But what I'm really here to talk about is my co-star Ellen Burstyn and her Emmy nomination for 15 seconds of performance in my cable showcase Mrs. Harris. There are some people that are really mad about her nomination. They say that the Emmy voters should be shamed for this and that it reveals the sham that is awards voting. Hey, you're preaching to the converted. I've yet to win anything and I'm a goddamn genius. I'm the Warren Beatty-weddin', diva prima donna of American cinema. Everyone knows it: you, your mother, your dog, and Hilary Skank!

So let's be real. The only true sham in modern awards voting --be it Oscar, Emmy, or *shudder* Peoples Choice-- is how bad voters tastes truly run. So forget this Burstyn fiasco. What IS the fuss about? Who needs 15 seconds to be award worthy? Give me 10 and I'm there, minions.

Bow Down!

Ms. Bening.

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Javier Aldabalde said...

Burstyn should and will win. It's an amazing performance.

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

adam k. said...

I saw Mrs. Harris and I honestly didn't even realize Burstyn was in it. Maybe I was in the bathroom?

Poli said...

Love this post.

Glenn Dunks said...

LOL. The Bening is the coolest.