Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Irresisitible [sic]

This past weekend I was having a very lazy visit with a close friend of mine and we decided to stay in and watch movies. She proceeded to drive me to Blockbuster to make our selection. Now, I don't know about you but it's been ages since I set foot in a video store and it was jarring. I've been Netflixing it full tilt boogie since they 'opened.'

As we wandered good consumer-like through multiple aisles it became clear that I'd seen everything I intended to already. Suddenly I was staring at this movie I'd never heard of called Irresistible.

Right away I'm confused because the box features a woman that's like an ugly mall version of the legendary Susan Sarandon. ohmygod, it is Susan Sarandon. I hope someone was fired for approving that video cover. To add insult to Susan's injury, the packaging/marketing team spelled the films own name wrong on the back of the box "Irresisitible" (the emphasis is mine) --d'oh! I put the movie down quickly and bolted to another aisle, feeling the urge to shower.

As soon as I got back to a computer I had to wipe the fugly Sarandon doppelganger from my mind's eye by staring at this picture.

Ahhhhh. She's still got it. So I repeat: Some nameless person should be fired. And someone else --someone far more famous-- should pick her next project more carefully.


adam k. said...

Yeah, but Irresistable also has Emily Blunt, which automatically makes it awesome.

I think I heard somewhere that she was great in it... maybe on her IMDB message board.

par3182 said...

isn't that some crappy aussie flick? it hasn't been released down here (in any format)

Glenn Dunks said...

Yeah, it is an apparently quite atrocious Australian movie that Susan Sarandon, Sam Neill and Emily Blunt all decided to make for some reason.

I remember there was a brief ruckus in Melbourne because she was down here filming it and then the film never got released. It was supposed to be out in October but I think that's been cancelled.

Middle-P said...

Hopefully you are still glancing in on this page nathaniel, cause I have found something you may or may not have yet to see. i am sure it is new it me:

Middle-P said...

prolly gonna have to split it up

much better

Anonymous said...

How about some of you dopes seeing IRRESISTABLE before you rubbish it?
I saw the film tonight and we all thought that it to be an excellent thriller in all respects. It goes out here in Sydney in October and I do believe that it will do well at the box office. Susan is great in it, and there is a great supporting cast, direction, photography, music and all - see the film before you knock it!!!
Kind Regards,
John L.