Sunday, August 20, 2006

What's Next @ The Film Experience?

Lots of goodies coming up as we transition into the Fall Movie Season. Fall is my favorite season so I'm happy to wave goodbye to the dog days of summer.

Coming up first, there'll be a few new reviews. No, really. They're even partially written. I've decided to step up the traditional reviewing whenever anyone donates any amount of $$ to the site (which you can do here). And since someone just did --Reviews! I'm not greedy just needy. Running a popular website isn't free unfortunately.

Next week, I'm beginning a detailed special retrospective and I think you'll enjoy it a lot, and of course the regular blog features will still happen. And remember, a week from today it's time for the monthly "Supporting Actress Smackdown" with my movie buddies.

This time the video clipreel will star the 1962 lineup of nominees which include the miraculous Helen Keller, "Scout", and the Queen of Diamonds herself, Angela Lansbury. Oh, and speaking of Mrs. Lovett, I'll share further thoughts on the upcoming Sweeney Todd film.

And finally, following Nick's lead... a sneak peak at my choices for the best of the year so far as we head into 'prestige' season. Will any of the choices make it as nominees for the 7th Annual Film Bitch Awards?

Stay Tuned.


Glenn Dunks said...

I've only seen two films so far this year that I wouldn't feel sad about putting in a top 5: Jindabyne and Ten Canoes. Of course I've seen barely any of the "good" 2006 films so far (aka, the arty ones).

And Yay for another Supporting actress smackdown!

adam k. said...

Whoa, did anyone just see the Bush press conference? Like, whoa. Meltdown. I thought his head would explode or something.

I know that had nothing to do with film (unless less you consider it some kind of cosmically bad acting performance, and you all know how much fun it is to rip on bad acting). I just had to mention it anyway.

Bushie's going' doooooowwwwwwwn.