Tuesday, August 29, 2006

While You Were Linking

Whenever I am computerless for more than 24 hours, my internet addiction becomes undeniable. 48 hours without the internet is eery and agitating. I need help. Upon my return from Boston I had e-mails piled up and many blogs to catch up on. Herewith, a wee sampling of posts I enjoyed. Yes, I read too many blogs. Curse you bloglines!

Cinematheque examines the five best performances by an actress ever. Unsurprisingly Falconetti is the goddess on this mountaintop.
No Necked Monsters on the trailer for The Queen
Nick bids a tearful goodbye to six things. I'm ET "ouch" on this.
Brevity is Wit on Greg Kinnear. Not sure I agree but well stated.
Cinematical delivers happy casting news for Sweeney Todd.
And Your Little Blog, Too has a great idea for a gruesome Leopold & Loeb triple feature. I'm almost tempted to take him up on it.
Daily Greencine has a preview of New York Magazine's fall preview.
Fame Tracker also takes aims at the fall lineup. But in a less appetizing way.

Oh, one last thing. I bitch about the Oscars a lot, I do. But thank god I'm a film fanatic rather than a TV aficionado. At least the Oscars aren't the Emmys. If you missed the festivities (I usually do -zzzz) you can read fun recaps at both popbytes (I love how MK totally loses interest when his preferred candidate loses -it's so honest) or EW's popwatch (very thorough). There are probably a gazillian other blogs that offer recaps for you, too. But if the Emmys are a surefire cure for your insomnia, check out these two recaps which are a lot easier to take for those with limited attention spans. First "14" at Gallery of the Absurd finds a way to sum up her interest with one illustration. And Joe Reid at Low Resolution achieves Emmy watching perfection. In ten sentences you'll get just the right blend of disappointment, vitriol and humor.


Anonymous said...

speaking of Oscars, no Ryan Gosling in Half Nelson? You think he could swing it?

Jason Adams said...

Hmm, in an odd coicidence, with respect to the Leopold & Loeb link, I've got Swoon coming from netflix today, which I ain't ever seen.