Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pedro Watch # 1

Since I've been loving Pedro long time (since 1989 --yes, like many Americans, Women on the Verge... was my first taste) and since I'm currently polling you about his actress proclivities I'll periodically round up other Almodovar lovin' on the web as "Viva Pedro!" rolls out. (if you see something, say something)

PW #1
Auteur Lust a Volver review (NEW)
Monster of Mud has a cool quote from Pedro and poses an interesting question.
Pajiba "Un Maricon Brillante" --capsules on the whole filmography. Not just 8 films.
Contact Music Almodovar wants to make a musical.
Queer Beacon can't wait for Volver but makes do with the trailer.
Lone Star Verve on the "Greatest Hits" package. (NEW)
Guardian Unlimited An interview with the man himself.

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Javier Aldabalde said...

Jesus, I wrote a full review of "Volver" and you didn't even notice. Shameful, really :P

Yaseen Ali said...

I was just going to say...

RC said...

i wonder if come award season anyone will be making/wearing "Vote for Pedro" shirts with Almodovar pictures on the front/back/side of the shirt.

--RC of


sorry Javi,
it's been rectified.

and rc --that's a great idea.

RC said...

i think you could probably sell a lot of pedro wear.

create a little napoleon synergy.

Nick M. said...

I saw Women on the Verge of a Breakdown this past Friday and enjoyed it as a silly, yet clever pastiche. This was my first Almodovar comedy (I had previously only seen, and enjoyed, Bad Education and Talk to Her), and I was expecting a more farcical and absurd approach to the material, but I'm glad he actually showed a large amount of control. It's exactly Pedro's type of humorous and sharply self-aware spin on a soap opera (or 'telenovella') -- smaller on kitsch and bigger on feminine statement.