Thursday, August 31, 2006

Reason #1,302 To Love Kate Winslet

For fans who love both the cinema and the live theater, there has been more than a little excitement about Julianne Moore's upcoming Broadway stint in The Vertical Hour. The play is from the esteemed writer David Hare (Plenty and the screenplay for The Hours) and will be directed by theater pro and Oscar winner Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Jarhead). Now we learn that we have Kate Winslet to blame for this upcoming delight. In the new issue of New York Magazine we read this delicious bit...
Moore had already passed on The Vertical Hour—although she found the play “brilliant,” she told Mendes that her filming schedule made it impossible to say yes. “And I thought, I shouldn’t have read it!” Moore groans at the memory. Then she bumped into Mendes’s wife, Kate Winslet, at the preschool the two actresses’ children attend, mentioned how disappointed she was, and Winslet fanned the project back to life.
Oh, the ways in which The Winslet continues to bless us all! We're definitely well into quadruple digits of reasons to love her.


Emma said...

Even more reason to look forward to Little Children, then!

Beau said...

god love that woman.
actually, both of them.
actually, all three of them (including mendes).

J.J. said...

Thank goodness Juli put her film schedule on hold for a bit. She needs to freshen up in that department. I think a Broadway run will be just the ticket.

Anonymous said...

They screened the Winslet cameo episode of Extras in Australia this week and it was hilarious! This is the new British show from Ricky 'The Office' Gervais. Winslet plays a nun in a Holocaust movie "because it's guaranteed to win me an Oscar. Schindler's bloody List, The Pianist, all won Oscars... I've had four nominations and everyone's going 'why hasn't Winslet got one?'" She's just brilliant. Definitely worth seeing.