Monday, August 13, 2007

20:07 / 70:02 (Mirrored / Married)

20th minute and 7th second / 70th minute and 2nd second of same movie
I can't guarantee the same results at home (different players/timing) I use a VLC

~I still love you
~I'm the luckiest son of a bitch alive

[heavy breathing. grunting]


Anonymous said...

Interesting... The wonders of 20:07 never cease to surprise.

J.D. said...

Definitely agree with Mikadzuki. If only 70:02 was the "Fuck you, Joey" part, then that'd be perfect!

Anonymous said...

20:07 always seems to be pretty eventful.

I supremely dislike that movie, but that's another topic.

Yaseen Ali said...

Creepy. So, so creepy.

Can't wait for Cronenberg-Mortensen 2.0.