Friday, August 17, 2007

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The 11th Hour -Leonardo DiCaprio pushes the good green message in this high profile doc
Death at a Funeral -A comedy from Frank Oz. Yes, that Frank Oz. The voice of Miss Piggy and the man behind comedies of incredibly varying quality from 80s gems like The Little Shop of Horrors through misfires like the recent Stepford Wives reimagining
Delirious -from indie filmmaker Tom DiCillo (Johnny Suede, Living in Oblivion) starring Steve Buscemi, Michael Pitt, Alison Lohman and eternally freakishly sexy Gina Gershon
The King of Kong -A sponsor this week on the sidebar (thank you!) I tried to see this videogame documentary when I was at IIFF but the print didn't arrive and they replaced it with a terrible movie about Star Wars geeks. I had to walk out


The Invasion -Nicole Kidman + Daniel Craig + time tested always successful metaphorical horror plot. What could go wrong? RT scores (currently @ 18% ouch) suggest something did but I'll see for myself on account of my love for NK & DC. Plus: We kinda have to see this to compare the duet to round two when the stars reunite for The Golden Compass in December
Last Legion -I always find it baffling when a movie I've never heard of opens wide. It's from the Weinstein Co. So maybe it's 4 years old or something... [/snark]
Superbad -The Year of Judd Apatow And His Travelling Band of Merry Actors and Writers™ continues. Expect this one (produced by Apatow) to continue the critical and audience lovefest that's been going full force since The 40 Year Old Virgin. Now if only the public had been there for Freaks and Geeks back in the day. It's still the best thing Apatow's been involved in

What are you seeing this weekend?


J.D. said...

I want to see The Last Legion and I don't know why. I only first heard about it three weeks ago from a TV spot. It probably sucks at least trice as much as The Invasion.

Anonymous said...

Invasion is up to 19%!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or has Nicole Kidman been in a lot of bad movies lately?

Anywho Happy B Day Mr. DeNiro

Anonymous said...

The Last Legion is just another movie featuring Ben Kingsley in a bad wig to further undermine any credibility he has left after taking a stroll down Uwe Boll Lane.

Glenn Dunks said...

Anon, I would say that Kidman's been in just as many bad movies as any other highly paid actor. And with Margot, Compass and Australia coming up...

The Invasion is now up to 21%! Tomorrow - 23!

Anonymous said...

I guess you're right Kamikaze, but people don't say that about Halle Berry..who also has a couple of decent films coming up.

Anonymous said...

This weekend is all about "Superbad".