Monday, August 27, 2007

what have i linked to deserve this?

Guardian Unlimited Almodóvar on the boards in London
The Man Who Viewed Too Much TIFF a bit early
The Hot Blog More Sweeney Teasing
Scanners "gimme them old-time furrin pictures"
Big Screen Little Screen likes to see Parker Posey "roll around in a role"
Movie Marketing Madness on why Lust, Caution got that NC-17
Awards Daily
is conspiring with every other film news blog to get me excited about Eastern Promises which I was weirdly not all that expectant of, despite my passion for A History of Violence
And one final thing. Over at Stale Popcorn a confession: "Lists Make Glenn Angry". Heh. That's actually why I've sort of stopped reading them (no really) and why I should stop contributing to them. The anger isn't good for me. I can't take the constant 'whatever just happened is the best thing evah!!!!' mentality. Though I'll still love individual listings. Those have real kick and personality. Unless group project 'all time' lists ignore, say, the past 5 to 10 years (for which there can be little perspective yet) and unless they poll more than one type of person, they suck.


Glenn Dunks said...

Definitely agreed on those group think lists. I mean, the list I was referring to was a Best 100 Directors of All Time list and DAVID FINCHER WAS #10! Paul Thomas Anderson was #20! They've made ten films between them. Geekdom on overload. And people like Kazan, Wyler, Antonioni, Minnelli, Fosse, Bertolucci and Lumet weren't even on there. Utterly bonkers.

I usually chide lists for simply being the same as everything else "Citizen Kane at #1!" but it was almost as if that list was forgetting that those guys made more classics by themselves than Fincher and Anderson combined.


Also, Armen Mueller-Stahl in Eastern Promises - Oscar contender, apparently.

Ben said...

Can someone explain to me why A History of Violence was good?

Steven said...

Are they changing the title of the new Johnny Depp film to Beware?

Still, it does make me kind of excited.


Anonymous said...

I've heard that Warner Bros. asked Tim Burton to edit a lot of the grisly scenes, cuz they want to make it pg-13. Bummer. ( more info at Rottentomatoes).

I've already heard that Reservation Road wasn't too good.

Anonymous said...

Two nights ago I had a nightmare about why Lust, Caution was given an NC-17 rating. In my dream I was actually in the film and Ang Lee had decided that instead of using stunt violence, all the violence had to be real. So this guy comes in with a stanley knife and scores a deep, penetrating cut down Scarlett Johansson from face to toe while she's lying on a bed. It was really graphic and disturbing. Then he comes after me with the stanley knife and I can't move to save myself. Then I wake up and can't get back to asleep and am literally petrified until daybreak.

It was one of the scariest dreams I've had in a looong time. Don't ask me why Lust, Caution had become a gorefest in my mind, and why Scarlett had a feature appearance in it.

On a happier note - am v looking forward to seeing what Samuel Adamson has done with All About My Mother next week.

Anonymous said...

Scarlet comes in everything these days. That's the most disturbing part of your dream - it's really about taking the knife to the dearth of casting creativity in current Hollywood.

- The Scarlet-ambivalent Luhrman-hating Fincher-loving Australian

Glenn Dunks said...

I had a dream once where Scarlett was a serial killer nun who chased me around an apartment complex and then we were in this jungle and I was climbing vines to escape from her.

Anonymous said...

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