Monday, January 28, 2008


I am late to the party. Not fashionably late. Just damn late... "well, I guess I'll help clean up" late. Oops. But I do want to ask you to spend a moment wishing Nick, a grade A film critic (but more importantly one of my very best friends in the world), a happy 10th anniversary on the web.

To cinematize the festivities I've placed my friend inside the poster of Blake Edwards "10" ...which seems perverse --I'm sure he'd have preferred being placed into something by, say, Jane Campion. But I'm betting that if Nick really wanted to he could rock Bo Derek braids. He can do anything.

As jealous of his writing as I may be I'm equally if not more jealous of his memory banks. Not only do I doubt that I could ever reconstruct this sort of timeline --I think my 10th on the web is in Feb 2009 but I'm not entirely sure -- I remain flabbergasted that he doesn't take notes while watching movies. That's no big thing in and of itself. Until you read his reviews. They give every indication that he is rewatching the screener in a separate window as he writes them: details, depth, precise critical thinking... I don't know how he does it but I love him for it.

Nick's Flick Picks is a "10"


Brodie said...

Hey Nat,

I created a blog... can you please pop over and comment?

Dr. S said...

(Actually, I think he's an 11.)