Monday, January 07, 2008

BFCA, Yes. The Globes, No. Has the Whole World Lost Its Head?

I know that people don't exactly "respect" the Golden Globes or the Hollywood Foreign Press Association that vote on them but I remain aghast that they haven't been able to work anything out in terms of the WGA strike and might not even be televised or televised in odd form and yet the BFCA is allowed to go on (tonight in fact on VH1). What a world... The Golden Globes, even at their dumbest, are hella fun. They're the only red carpet show with any real sense of suspense. I'm having trouble imagining awards season without the Golden Globe party, both the one televised and the one I love to throw. It'll just be so... incomplete.

UPDATE: I blame the BFCA for interrupting the previously scheduled top ten posting. They both distracted me and bored me silly and I ended up on some other project entirely. Once again the BFCA thwarted any desire one may generously have to take them seriously by again baldly stating that they exist to predict the Oscars rather than to honor the best of the year. They actually said in the scripted intro for both lead actor and lead actress that they were trying to predict. Shameless.

So here were their Oscar predictions (i.e. winners)
PIC: No Country For Old Men
DIR: The Coen Bros, No Country For Old Men
ACTOR: Daniel Day-Lewis, There Will Be Blood
ACTRESS: Julie Christie, Away From Her
SUPP ACTOR: Javier Bardem, No Country For Old Men
SUPP ACTRESS: Amy Ryan, Gone Baby Gone
WRITER: Diablo Cody, Juno
COMPOSER: Johnny Greenwood, There Will Be Blood
SONG: "Falling Slowly," Once

and their awards that don't try to predict Oscars (different rules or category names)
I didn't know that Joel Siegel was a humanitarian but cool. Cheadle and Clooney and Pitt and that compassionate gang: Love them.
FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM: The Diving Bell and Butterfly
FAMILY FILM: Enchanted
ENSEMBLE: Hairspray
YOUNG ACTOR: Ahmad Kahn Mahmoodzada, The Kite Runner
YOUNG ACTRESS: Nikki Blonsky, Hairspray

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Anonymous said...

Isn't that good timing ? Now she'll look perfect in The Reader.

Anonymous said...

Go Nic ! You rock


she dropped out of the Reader I believe

Anonymous said...

according to a producer she's still on board. A third child ? A third Oscar nom ? Hope so !

Anonymous said... your top 10 being uploaded tonight?

Gustavo Cruz said...

The winners of BFCA:


Anonymous said...

Who cares about the Globes and BFCAs, when will we be getting the Film Bitch Awards?! ;)

Kurtis O said...

I second anonymous. The BFCA's are putting me to sleep and I need me some FBA's!

PS: Could Clooney have been any more uninterested in presenting the "Joel Siegel" award to Cheadle? He raced through it, was terribly insincere, and actually looked at his watch. I know he's a political figure in the big Hollywood strike game and it's a new semi-silly award, but he could've at least faked it a little better. Cheadle looked insulted. (Sorry had to point that out)

Anonymous said...

Really Nat! We are all waiting for the start of the FilmBitches! I'm agonizing waiting for them! Your Top 10, Nat, pleeeeeeease :). I'm dying to see if Atonement made it to your Top 5.


i totally get that you're waiting.
unfortunately i am just one person and I'm buried up to my eyeballs in work.

i'm trying. SUPPORTING ACTRESS is almost ready and BEST PICTURE too...

and the top ten

RC said...

yea, i love watching the golden globes...

it's sad indeed!

any thoughts on how this will effect the academy awards? what type of broadcast can we expect? should we forget this years academy award parties?

gabrieloak said...

The writers' strike is not only hurting the bigwigs now. A lot of businesses in LA depended on the Globes for income--caterers, restaurants, hotels, etc. And how long do the workers on shows and movies who are nonwriters want to be out of work.

I really wish this thing would get resolved.

I think the Globes should have postponed two to three weeks or so.

Anonymous said...

does this mean you're not posting the top ten tonight? that would be very disappointing after waiting all day.

Robert said...

The writer's strike will have to be solved sooner or later right? I mean it can't go on to infinity. So why don't they sit down and hash it out?

The BFCA continues to be a minor awards show. Few celebrities showed up, most of them for the booze (as was evident). D.L. Hughley needs to be on an Aaron Sorkin show or just go home.

but on a happy note, Javier Bardem is delightful!

Anonymous said...

hmm, I predict a Pfeiffer sweep of
Best Individual Line Reading, Diva of the Year and Best Villain in the FBA's :-)

NicksFlickPicks said...

Nathaniel, you take whatever time you need! You always Bring The Funk when you're good and ready.

Meanwhile, that image of the frowny Golden Globe actually makes me sad....

Glenn Dunks said...

Man, have you read that piece at eFilmCritic about quote whores. There are several BFCA members on that list. It's scary to know the people who are voting in those awards are also the ones that gave quotes to Hannibal Rising, Norbit and Who's Your Caddy amongst many other razzie-bound fare. Yikes.


Anonymous said...

I want my Golden Globes back dammit! No offense to the BFCA's, but they can't nearly throw a show (or a party) like those Globes' journos.

Anonymous said...

Now Kate Winslet is supposed to replace Nicole Kidman in "The Reader".

Glenn Dunks said...

Anon 1.28 - Cause offence to the BFCA. OFFEND THEM LIKE MAD!

Anonymous said...

I've not seen Juno yet, but I've read plenty of reviews that remark that the screenplay stumbles in the first portion, that the actors make the characters likable (Page) or believable (Garner) DESPITE the screenplay. So what gives with all the awards love?

I think the awards bodies have some law now "must pick one quirky film per year" so they can congradulate themselves that they are "hip" and giving indie film an equal chance.



that's basically it but it's a little more complicated. There is a lot to recommend in the Juno screenplay. It's very funny, has some clever and sneaky character development and deeper than they appear exchanges. But is it the year's best? That's stretching it. It is very in love with the sound of its voice... to its detriment in the beginning. But the cast sure is aces at selling it.

Anonymous said...

"There is a lot to recommend in the Juno screenplay. It's very funny, has some clever and sneaky character development and deeper than they appear exchanges. But is it the year's best? That's stretching it. It is very in love with the sound of its voice... to its detriment in the beginning. But the cast sure is aces at selling it."

Then it's the actors who should be getting the kudos, not the screenplay - no?


Anonymous said...

It's that stylized and hip dialogue that's getting "Juno" its great word-of-mouth right now. Diablo Cody deserves all of that Oscar that she's about to get next month.