Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lead Actress, Mine

I had hoped to stretch out my awardage (for blog fodder purposes) a little longer but we're nearing the wire of Oscar nomination morning and everything must be stated, preference wise --pssst, final Oscar nomination predictions tomorrow. But that's different than preferences, you know.

In my shortlist two women grapple with immaturity, one with the enemy in her bed, and two face off with the demons in their own head. The Lovely Laura Linney doubles dips (sort of --well, if I allowed for that she would... but I don't just like Oscar).

Speaking of double dipping: Everyone's favorite director of photography Roger Deakins has the Laura Linney problem over on my ballot for Best Cinematography --unlike Oscar I don't allow for doubles for the below the line people either. He's just too/two good too/two often.

Also posted: Film Editing and Original Screenplay


Sid said...

That Cinematography ballot is PERFECT, Nat. I assume that will also be the Oscar line-up (with Deakins double dipping instead of the Lust, Caution nom. My own ballot would be:

The Assassination of Jesse James
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
No Country For Old Men
There Will Be Blood

(Zodiac would get a fifth slot if I clubbed the two Deakins noms)

Sid said...

Sad to see Carice Van Houten missing a slot on the Best Actress list -- but those five performances are terrific. My choices:

Julie Christie, Away From Her
Nicole Kidman, Margot at the Wedding
Laura Linney, The Savages
Carice Van Houten, Black Book
Tang Wei, Lust, Caution

(special shout-out to Amy Adams)

Dame James said...

I haven't yet seen Margot, Lust Caution or The Savages yet, but here are my picks:

-Amy Adams, Enchanted
-Julie Christie, Away From Her
-Marion Cotillard, La Vie en Rose
-Jodie Foster, The Brave One
-Ellen Page, Juno

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! I correctly predicted your Top 5 Cinematographers and love ur ballot.

Anonymous said...

i thought u liked keira knightley in atonement? she doesnt even get a mention here! im so disappointed in how atonement was received in america. it looked unstoppable when it was released in the uk :(

Anonymous said...

am surprised u did not mention foster or knightley,surprised u like page in juno,i thought she played the most annoying character in film this year,yees i agree it must've been hard,but all that smart dialogue really got to me my god by the end even the supportin gactors we're spouting witicisms,that is why i disliked her and the perf it was too clever for it's own good no way in any universe is she more worthy of a place than marion cotillard,yes it is mimicry but 2 scenes resonate with me the 1 st time she ehars le regret ien and begging to go back onstage - beats anything page did hands down,loved christie but like isaid before i ma a nusrse and never saw any alzheimers sufferer look the way she did,not seen linney,wei or kidman,bonus for recognising halle in her best role ever!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you snubbed Amy Adams. She was easily the BEST Actress of the year. Her "I'm Angry" scene was brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Did you see Golden Door? Agnes Godard's cinematography should not go unnoticed...

Carl Joseph Papa said...

no knightley and no leigh? ehehhee btw great list :)

Anonymous said...

Surprised Knightley wasn't mentioned anywhere. Ah, well. Nice list, though.

My choices:

- Amy Adams - Enchanted
- Nikki Blonsky - Hairspray
- Keira Knightley - Atonement
- Laura Linney - Jindabyne
- Tang Wei - Lust, Caution

An unusual list for me; it skews younger than usual, and I'm thrilled that the year's most fun performances (Adams, Blonsky) were also among the best.

And, for the record, my cinematography picks:

- The Assassination of Jesse James
- I'm Not There
- Into the Wild
- Lust, Caution
- Sunshine


oops. I meant to mention Keira at least to explain why.

i would be THRILLED if amy adams got a nomination just so's you know. In a strong year there's very little division between #? and #? you know?

I'm just depressed that it's probably going to be Blanchett instead of any number of creative interesting performances.

Bah humbug

J.D. said...

Linney! Whoo! What a brilliant year.

Mine (at the moment, I think):

Julie Christie, Away from Her
Marion Cotillard, La Vie en Rose
Carice van Houten, Black Book
Laura Linney, The Savages
Ellen Page, Juno

And Cinematography (at the moment, I think):

The Bourne Ultimatum
Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Golden Door
No Country for Old Men

And Original Screenplay (at the moment, I think):

The Lives of Others
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

Michael B. said...

Yeah for Kidman! She's my winner for Actress this year...I wish she would have gotten more attention...

Sid said...

Original screenplay (mine):
4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
Michael Clayton
The Savages

Film Editing (my favorite tech category):
The Bourne Ultimatum
I'm Not There (good to see this on your ballot!)
No Country For Old Men
There Will Be Blood

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. R.,

Michelle Pfeiffer was fairly mentioned as actress in a supporting role for Stardust.

The film may be flawed in terms of directing and use of score. However, its art direction, costumes, visual effects and makeup are worth mentioning. Don't you think?

Marcelo - Brazil.

Anonymous said...

LOL "Atonement" has at least honorable mention in EVERY category it can be nominated so far. And I suppose it's not going to be snubbed in best score and best sound design.

Catherine said...

My Best Actress ballot would maybe go a little something like this:

Laura Linney - Jindabyne
Angelina Jolie - A Mighty Heart
Julie Christie - Away From Her
Anamaria Marinca - 4M,3W,2D
Amy Adams - Enchanted

Anonymous said...

linney's tripley terrific last year. easily the best thing in "the nanny diaries"


Anonymous said...

Amy Adams did an imitation of Snow White.

Anonymous said...

AMAZING lineup. I love all your nominees. Good to see Kidman and Linney getting attention SOMEWHERE!

DL said...

What a great lineup. I can't say I could argue with any one of those delightful five ladies. (If only the other awards bodies had enough sense like you to ignore the bombastic Marion Cotillard.)

I must say I'm a little disappointed that Amy Adams, Angelina Jolie and Anamaria Marinca didn't find their way onto your shortlist though. But then again, how to choose between eight (eight!) spectacular, truly award-worthy lead performances. What a wealth to choose from this year...

Anonymous said...

I have to say I agree about Amy Adams her performance IMO, while cute, wasn't that great.

Jodie Foster-The Brave One- film wasn't great , but she did the damn thing
Taraji P. Henson-Talk to Me- Always overlooked
Ellen Page-Juno- I didn't like this film as much as others, but she did a good job
Julie Christie- Away from her
Marion Cotillard-La Vie En Rose- Didn't like the film much, but if Amy Adams is getting attention for mimicry then Marion definitely deserves a win for the best mimicry of the year.

Didn't see Atonement, A Mighty Heart or the Savages yet.

Anonymous said...

You were right to exclude Amy Adams she showed absoltuely no range and the film itself was not great.

I agree with your choices.

Anonymous said...

I think Atonement's strength was how all of the filmmaking elements were put together to produce a very balanced film. Keira's performance was pitch perfect, but when put against other performances where the actresses had more to chew, by defualt she doesnt compare. So yes, wonderful choices.

Anonymous said...

MY Picks… (2007)

Julie Christie- AWAY FROM HER
Angelina Jolie- A MIGHTY HEART
Ellen Page- JUNO

I’M NOT THERE- Todd Haynes
JUNO- Diablo Cody
KNOCKED UP- Judd Apatow

ATONEMENT- Seamus McGarvey
LUST, CAUTION- Rodrigo Prieto
ZODIAC- Harris Savides

ATONEMENT- Paul Tothill
GRINDHOUSE- Maniquis, Menke, Rodriguez
A MIGHTY HEART- Peter Christelis

ATONEMENT- Sarah Greenwood
RATATOUILLE- Harley Jessup
SWEENEY TODD- Dante Ferretti
ZODIAC- Donald Burt

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel… I just got to say while scrolling through your latest nominees (supported by witty comments and gorgeous, perfectly picked images) I was reminded why your website is such an obsessive addictive. Seriously, you’ve outdone yourself this year. Going through these pages, I truly felt engulfed in the cinematic highlights of 2007. A stunning time capsule. And as for these new, exciting nominees go I was…

Wei AND Kidman! You rule!
“A Mighty Heart” (editing)- I was a huge fan of it too, so glad it made the cut

Angelina Jolie- that devastating whimper upon learning of her husbands demise… ahh
“Knocked Up” (Screenplay) – At least in was a semi-finalist

“Year of the Dog”- Didn’t see that one coming
“Zodiac” (cinematography) snub- Madness I say

But again, incredible job on the design, comments and pics… a truly glorious gift for your readers.


aw thx. i do my best

sadly i am so petered out today. don't know how i'm going to get through the next few days. SO much still to do.



Y Kant Goran Rite said...

I've only seen 3 of those performances: I thought Julie Christie was lovely and profoundly overrated in Away from Her, Linney lovely and underrated in Jindabyne, Page stunning stunning in Juno, and Anamaria Marinca and Carice Van Houten infinitely better than all three combined. So I was disappointed (and confused) they didn't make it in your Top 5 - especially Marinca, whose performance easily ranks among the most harrowing of the decade. I demand a recount!

Also I think Deakins did far more evocative and sophisticated work in No Country than in Jesse James, Oleg Mutu's photography for 4 Days was also flawless and arresting, and Greatest DOP Alive Eric Gautier did wonderful things in Into the Wild - particularly since he made sure every shot had personality, instead of just making it postcard-pretty.

Anonymous said...

glad to see my woman in the best actress list, Nat.. Someone is noticing her. Thanks

gabrieloak said...

Nathaniel, Excellent choices all around.

Nice to see Prieto mentioned for Cinematography, so overlooked this season.

But now that weeks have passed, I don't think Juno deserves mention anywhere. Truly just a good movie that got way overhyped.

I wish Fox Searchlight had pushed Once and The Savages more but hey, it's a business, right?

Sam Brooks said...

Love your actress line-up. Mine reads like:

Helena Bonham-Carter - Sweeney Todd
Julie Christie - Away From Her
Marion Cotillard - La Vie En Rose
Do Yeon Jeon - Secret Sunshine
Angelina Jolie - A Mighty Heart.

My Cinematography:

La Vie En Rose - (Not sure yet)
Lust, Caution - Rodrigo Pietro
Sunshine - Alwin H Kuchler
The Diving Bell and Butterfly - Janusz Kaminski
The Brave One - Philippe Rouselott

Best Editting:

A Mighty Heart
Secret Sunshine
Lust, Caution
I'm Not There
No Country For Old Men

Best Art Direction/Production Design

Lust, Caution - Lai Pan
Atonement - Sarah Greenwood
A Mighty Heart - Chris Stull
Sweeney Todd - Dante Ferretti
The Golden Compass - Dennis Gassner

Totally loving all of this!

Glenn Dunks said...

I wish Linney coulda been noted first for Jindabyne but oh well. Haven't seen Margot or Lust yet, unfort.

Super happy to see Harry Potter for art direction! Totally deserved, and I'm not even a Potter fanatic. I'm surprised at the strong turnout for Sunshine so far.

The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

I also liked Laura Linney in Breach.

Glenn Dunks said...

Linney for Breach is currently in my supporting actress top 5, actually.