Tuesday, January 15, 2008

DVDs to Remember?

Another Tuesday, another chance to spend your time and/or money (or both if one is indeed the other) on DVDs.

An Affair to Remember (1957) , the tearjerking Deborah Kerr / Cary Grant romance gets the 50th anniversary treatment. You can bet that Sam & Annie (are they still together?) will be first in line to buy it. I've actually never seen it he says bashfully. Though a remake itself An Affair to Remember spawned its own remake Love Affair (1994) which starred two of my favorite stars ever Beatty & The Bening but I cannot recommend that one. You know that's serious given how I feel about that particular coupling (if you don't know, you're new and you can click on their names to read more. Let's just say I'm fond).

When Harry Met Sally (1989), another romantic movie touchstone, and In the Heat of the Night (1967) have also received special or anniversary edition treatments.

Can you tell I don't wanna talk about the new movies. That's because Good Luck Chuck is one of them... and who wants to go there? I mean, aside from the moviegoers who did. Praise Jesus that it wasn't a big hit. Then again... it made more than Zodiac, Grindhouse and Hot Fuzz so maybe there is no god. Mr Woodcock, that Billy Bob Thornton, Seannn Williammm Scottt and Susan Sarandon comedy is also out. But your best bet, according to reviews, is The Ten from the team who brought you the deeply silly and gutbusting Wet Hot American Summer some years back.

And finally...

Here's one of my very favorite things about looking at new DVD releases: discovering the existence of that movie you've never heard of starring the person you have heard of it. In the ancient days of the 80s (gah) we used to call this "straight to video" Did you know that Vin Diesel directed himself in a movie called Strays ten years ago? I didn't. And now it's out on DVD. And you Vin Diesel completists may rejoice. All 9 of you.


Jason Adams said...

The Ten is a real hit-or-miss affair, unfortunately falling into the miss camp more often than not, but Winona Ryder is AWESOME in it. Totally worth seeing just for her relatively small section of the film.

John T said...

I am going to admit that, when asked about my guilty pleasure movies, An Affair to Remember is probably the second film I list (Clue being the first). Don't expect much more than a schmaltzy, sacchrine, and ridiculously effective romantic sudser, one I will (begrudgingly) admit I have never gotten enough of (I will probably be watching it again this week).

Anonymous said...

guilty pleasure eh?

I like Clerks.

gabrieloak said...

After you buy An Affair to Remember, take a look at Love Affair with Charles Boyer and Irene Dunne. Wonderful.